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  1. jackie53

    jackie53 Well-Known Member

    Sorry..Bad memories..Big bird nest..
  2. jackiereed

    jackiereed Well-Known Member

    I got a mr crappie that I found after it went thru a bushhog.
    That little reel has probably caught 2000 bream and 1000 crappie. Probably my favorite

  3. Mt Curr

    Mt Curr Well-Known Member

    I have a shaming symetre 1000 fl that I’ve used for 4 years now really like it
  4. faithfularcher

    faithfularcher Well-Known Member

    Pflueger president is by far the best bang for your buck . I haven't bought a shimano in the last three years . I use to only use the shimano but last three I bought were Junk even their casting reels have got bad . I am sure the Revo is nice spinning reel but I fish a lot and can get several years out of a Pflueger president and have never had one fail . I don't like Pflueger casting reels though, stay with Revo or lews for casting equipment although Diawa has some good ones .
  5. faithfularcher

    faithfularcher Well-Known Member

    Jackie you must be using the old Shimano reels the last 3-5 years they are junky. I can't get one spring out of one much last all year.
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  6. jackie53

    jackie53 Well-Known Member

    Just bought 2 of these Tackle warehouse
    About 80 Dollars each..1000 in my opinion
    I use a spinning Reel a lot..Smooth,easy operation..
  7. jackie53

    jackie53 Well-Known Member

    Still have my first ones..Still use..Today..
  8. jackie53

    jackie53 Well-Known Member

    Sienna cheaper bought 2 of these
    Use ever week..1000 match perfect with
    JDM Rods Tacklewarehouse .. f783272a-4be5-410a-915b-67f55a3682fe_1.701af0a362fa66f70024d9d8c5f81eda.jpeg
  9. RAZ

    RAZ Well-Known Member

    AAC895A1-E6B4-4CFC-83B0-15632DE15641.jpeg 37221A1E-A655-4A57-9C72-5101DF416175.jpeg Somebody tell me about this one. Bought it after reading Bryan Hendricks’s article on it in Ar DemZette. He said larger spool would result in longer casts and less line twist. Said, basically, it was the cat’s meow so I thought I had to have one. I’ve used it a little but I can’t tell much, if any, advantage using it. Anybody else use one? Like it?
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  10. jackie53

    jackie53 Well-Known Member

    It is what it is.....Not the Equipment how you use it..
  11. JR1

    JR1 Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Go away with this crap. People are looking for opinions and help on specific equipment. You gave your opinion and that's great.

    To keep saying the same thing over and over just clutters a thread and offers no help.
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  12. ducksoup

    ducksoup Well-Known Member

    I’ve had 4 sahara’s
    Bail springs broke on 2 and roller developed a line destroying groove on 3rd one. They all worked great for a couple years but once they broke no replacement parts according to southern reel. I have one sahara left that’s still working properly
    I switched last year to a couple pfluger presidentials.
    Not as smooth as a brand new Sahara but hopefully it will last longer and they are $25-$30 cheaper
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  13. JR1

    JR1 Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Never heard of them. Interesting design for sure.

    Does it come with regular spool too? Pic on box looks different than your reel.
  14. Dave57

    Dave57 Well-Known Member

    I agree. Thought I would read to get some opinions, all I got was Jackie on an unreadable rant. Over half after he said he
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  15. JR1

    JR1 Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Almost identical issues with mine. Sad too because they were really good reels.

    I've got one that is still very smooth and casts great, but it takes a ton of pressure to start the spool sinning if starting from a dead stop. Annoying if you are trying to do anything finesse.
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  16. Dave57

    Dave57 Well-Known Member

    Over half after he said he was done.

    (Cut myself off)

    I use several brands and do not have trouble with any of them really. I fish a lot of salt so I am in the habit of rinsing, cleaning and doing oil and grease pretty regular. Heck, i have a cheap diawa throwawy from ft walton walmart that is on year 5 in the salt. A president is probably my favorite though.
  17. scarhead

    scarhead Well-Known Member

    I've got a Lews mach 2 that I like as far as function (gave $79 I think), but the base where it connects to the rod seems a little flimsy to me. Got a cheaper Lews (speed spool for $39 I think) that I really like for the price. Neither of these hold a candle to my Revo, but for the price, the low end Lews seem to hold up well. I'm also a firm believer that braid with a leader makes even the cheapest spinning reels functional. I do need another spinning reel, and will probably pick up a president, just from the recommendations here.
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  18. jackie53

    jackie53 Well-Known Member

    I forgive ya...
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  19. JR1

    JR1 Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Give me a week or two and I'll give n opinion on the Pfleuger President. Mine supposed to be here today.
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  20. orangefeetdown

    orangefeetdown Well-Known Member

    No one else caught that Jackie was pimping the Sahara and posted pics of a Sedona and a Sienna?