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Discussion in 'Fishing' started by JR1, Jun 28, 2020.

  1. JR1

    JR1 Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    I was a diehard Shimano Sahara fan for several years. But the last couple I've had really dissapointed me.

    Have a Pflueger Presidential XT coming via Amazon in the next week or so on the recommendation of a couple friends and anxious to try it out.

    What do you guys like in the $50 to $100 range? I'm just too cheap to spend more than that with as little as I'm going to use them in any given year.
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  2. sam

    sam Grand Member

    I just about replaced all my spinning reels with the Abu Garcia Revo.

  3. orangefeetdown

    orangefeetdown Well-Known Member

    Sam beat me to it. Love my Revo’s.
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  4. Onetrakd

    Onetrakd Well-Known Member

    I only have one spinning reel I really use and it’s a Lews CS200.

    I’ve had really good luck with it.
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  5. SwampCat

    SwampCat Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporter

    I like the Penn Fierce series of reels. Most of mine eventually end up with some use in saltwater - and I have not had good luck with most normal spinning reels in the salt. Most of these reels are $70 to $100.
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  6. Gford

    Gford Select Member<br>2015-16 Bow Hunting Contest Winne

    Diawa Fuego is IMO is the best in that price range
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  7. R6mm

    R6mm Well-Known Member

    N. Texas
    I've got over a dozen different spinning reels, but only a few of them are under 9-10 years old. Most are older Daiwa's, & Shimano's. Have a couple of Okuma's & 1 Abu Garcia Cardinal. Don't believe I ever paid more than $35 for any of them, & all of them have been very good to me. Don't own one, but the Pflueger President's, are a very nice reel for the money.
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  8. dartonmav60

    dartonmav60 Well-Known Member

    I have several Pflueger President's,you won't be disappointed!!
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  9. carbonmatrix13

    carbonmatrix13 Well-Known Member

    I almost refuse to use my spinning rods but when I do they have a Revo premier on them
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  10. RAZ

    RAZ Well-Known Member

    Shimano Spirex is my fav because of the two knob handle. Found a used Alcedo Micron in great shape the other day. Love that little reel. Had one a long time ago but it disappeared. Vintage Cardinal 4 on a Browning Silaflex rod fishes good too. Ironically through the years I never used the old industry standard, the Mitchell 300 very much. It don’t get much better than Creek fishing with a little ultra light rig!!!
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  11. Buckrub

    Buckrub Well-Known Member

    Mitchell 300 Pro
  12. jackie53

    jackie53 Well-Known Member

    Shimano Shara..Nothing else..!!! 1000....
    The difference in a Shimano and the Rest is the line Roller..is one piece.
    Line does not get behind it and Twist my line..
    I have tried every kind made..They Say the Japanese is the best..Nope..!!! NOT TRUE!!

  13. Buckrub

    Buckrub Well-Known Member

    Shimano, Inc. is a Japanese multinational manufacturer of cycling components, fishing tackle and rowing equipment.
  14. k9gold

    k9gold Well-Known Member

    I'll second and third R6mm and Darton on the Pflueger President's. I've got 3 of them and they have performed well on everything from a 30 lb flathead to a 6 lb smallmouth. $55 - $60 bucks most stores.
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  15. jackie53

    jackie53 Well-Known Member

    Yes they are..But they have Japanese Spinner reels a lot better at a more than I will pay for a Spinning Reel..They are top of the line..
  16. JR1

    JR1 Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Did you read the original post? That is exactly the reel I want to get away from. The last two I've bought (and at least one a friend bought) have been less then desirable. Especially for the price.

    There was a day I had a half dozen Saharas in 4 different sizes but those days are over. They lost me as a customer.
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  17. jackie53

    jackie53 Well-Known Member

    It is what it is..
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  18. Buckrub

    Buckrub Well-Known Member

    I believe the Mitchell 300 pro has 9+1 ball bearings. I paid $60. More now, I'm sure.

    If there's a reel that performs better than that for the price, I'd like to try it. I have a President and it's good, but it's no Mitchell 300 pro. Even the lower priced Mitchell 310 has 8 ball bearings. Y'all can have all those fancy high priced reels. If they were better, I'd buy. I don't mind paying for quality.
  19. Buckrub

    Buckrub Well-Known Member

    Not this time, I don't think.
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  20. jackie53

    jackie53 Well-Known Member

    I did read it..Saying you can't beat Shimano spinning Reels think you are making a mistake.....what I am trying to say..