Speaking of new bows....

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by possum, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. possum

    possum Moderator<br>2011-12 Deer Hunting Contest Winner<b

    I got mine today. 2010 Elite GT500

    Apex Accu-Strike Sight
    NAP Apache Drop-Away Rest
    Hadn't settled on a stabilizer yet so I put this on for the pic. You can't really tell it in the pic but it's a Black riser with AT Edition Max-1 camo limbs.
  2. SR4

    SR4 Super Member<br>'07/'08 Bowhunting Contest Team Wi

    Thats a sweet rig! I'm thinking about shooting an elite this next year. I love how solid they are on the back wall. I'm gonna try 'em all, but from what I've read I really wanna give the new hunter a test drive.

  3. possum

    possum Moderator<br>2011-12 Deer Hunting Contest Winner<b

    This one reminds me of my '05 Allegiance and I got a REAL good deal on it....could pass.:biggrin:
  4. jdrake19

    jdrake19 Well-Known Member

    Looks great. I plan on adding an Elite Z28 or GT500 to my collection before next season.
  5. cropdustersteve

    cropdustersteve Select Member<br>2010-11 Bow Hunting Contest Winne

    Sweet bow.:biggrin:
  6. cookiearcher

    cookiearcher Well-Known Member

    Yeah I heard about that allegience must have been a real steal
  7. thats a sweet looking rig. :thumb:
  8. lowellarcher

    lowellarcher Well-Known Member

    Man that looks good. What kind of speeds are you getting out of it ?
  9. possum

    possum Moderator<br>2011-12 Deer Hunting Contest Winner<b

    You know, I didn't even shot it through the chronograph. It IBO's 332-336 fps, so I'm figuring in the 290 range at 60# with a 28" draw. :shrug:

    I'll find out for sure though. :thumb:
  10. beltcutter

    beltcutter Well-Known Member

    Nice, is that from Mrs. Clause?
  11. 44

    44 Well-Known Member

    I was gonna say that bow wasnt a whole lot different from your Ally. Both sweet bows and you can't beat a transferrable lifetime warranty. I like it!:clap:
  12. possum

    possum Moderator<br>2011-12 Deer Hunting Contest Winner<b

    In a way, she gave me permission to buy it. :biggrin:
  13. coonnutz

    coonnutz Well-Known Member

    Sweet looking bow:up:
  14. pruitt76

    pruitt76 Well-Known Member

    Nice looking bow!!
  15. Bowhuntr

    Bowhuntr Well-Known Member

    Thats a mean looking rig right there. Congrats.
  16. coonnutz

    coonnutz Well-Known Member

    Just out of curiosity whats up with the long stabilizer? Is it for competition?
  17. Hill Farm Hunter

    Hill Farm Hunter Well-Known Member

    Frog giggin. :biggrin:
  18. possum

    possum Moderator<br>2011-12 Deer Hunting Contest Winner<b

    Frog giggin.....:fit:

    Yeah, coonnutz it's for competition but anymore it's just a prop so the bow will stand up to take pics of. I did hunt for a couple of years using a 24" Super Stix stabilizer. :thumb:
  19. gregrn43

    gregrn43 Well-Known Member

    Never shot one before, its a good looking bow.