Spay your female Lab if you’re not going to breed her.

Discussion in 'Ask the Vet' started by Ange, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Ange

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    Have a 9 year old CLF. She’s cut from her chest to her groin——she was full of mammary tumors. I should have spayed her at a young age. Spay em your not going to breed em.
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  2. Buckhunter99

    Buckhunter99 Well-Known Member

    I am sorry to hear this. Hopefully everything turns out ok. I got mine fixed as soon as I could however my vet wanted me to wait long enough to let her come in heat a couple times. I never heard of this before however she said it allows something to grow properly or something I have no clue but I listened just to be safe.

  3. JB Weld

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    My vet said the same thing about my little Feist gyp.
    I hope to breed her a couple of times before I get her spayed.
    Matilda Blue is going to have beautiful pups.
  4. curdog1

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    She treeing squirrels yet?
  5. JB Weld

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    She is only 22 weeks old. She has been in the woods a couple of times, but has not seen a squirrel yet. We will prolly go back out this weekend. Mrs Weld is spoiling that dog rotten! I will be at least a year before I find my dog a date. She stays inside, so I am in good shape when she comes into heat that first time. We will eventually spay her though.
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  6. Maggiesmaster

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    NE AR
    I read a lot on whether or not to spay my female pup, and my decision was to wait until after her second heat cycle. It's debatable whether or not to neuter males.