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Does anyone on here hunt with short legged, long haired, dogs like Spaniels?

I like to take my dog with me sometimes when tracking a blood trail, or just walking in the woods.
She is not a spaniel but does have short legs and long hair.
She picks up every briar, twig, leaf, or piece of grass in her path.

I have a pair of briar proof pants that I wear, and was interested in knowing if anything exists for my little friend, that will keep her from getting everything in the woods tangled in her fur?

Little twigs of dried blackberry Briar are the worst to try getting untangled from her belly and chest hair, as well as her under legs (arm pits):biggrin:.

Please don't suggest shaving her hair. She is my wife's dog too, and she would kill me.

Most of the vest I have seen in catalogs are for retrievers and have floatation devices on them, or are just for extra warmth.
I'm looking for briar proof.
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