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    With the Winter weather event coming I thought I'd share a funny story with y'all about southern snow.

    Several years ago when I was working for a Haz-mat company we were having a vacuum truck built in Eunice,La. So I had to the truck down there to have the tank and pump put on it. My boss decided it would be a good idea to have the secretary follow me down there and then we would head back. It was cold here when we left but by the time we got to South LA it was T-shirt weather. We dropped the truck off and headed back. Pretty much drove straight back except for stopping once to eat in Central LA. So were heading back and come across the bridge in El Dorado and it starts snowing on us. By the time we got to Hampton the only way you could tell where the road was,was by the mail boxes.That snow had to have been 6 inches or so. We were doing pretty good in the snow,we had an F350 flatbed with spotlights on top.
    We stopped in Hampton and the women at the store we stopped at said it got worse the farther north. So we got back in the truck and the secretary said she had relatives in Fordyce and that we could spend the night there. So with the thought of drving 100 miles in the snow and dark didn't sound too appealing I called my wife and told her the plan. She said it's not snowing here and I needed to come on home. I told her it was snowing it's tail off and she would not believe me. So I said fine when I get home I'll make a snowball and wake you up. I really don't think she was too excited about the idea of me spending the night with the secretary.:head:
    So were pressing on and get to Fordyce and make the left hand turn to go to Sheridan and sure enough within 2 miles ran out of the snow and by the time we got to LR it was dry as a bone.:eek:
    So the next morning I get up after about 3 hours of sleep and turn on the news so I can show my wife that it had in fact snowed in Southern Ar. I still don't think she ever really believed me:fit:

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