Southeast Arkansas Hunting Lease needs members

Discussion in 'Hunting Clubs and Leases' started by buck720, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. buck720

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    WE have around 1700 acres close to Monticello we have creek bottoms, clear cuts , mature pine, young pine, and some hardwood. We do not have a camp due to the fact it is so close to home for all of the members at this time.Any questions go to asking.Depending on the amount of members we add our rates will be anywhere from 300.00 to 380.00!!!!!!!!!!
  2. How many members do you have now and how many new ones do you need ?:arkie:

  3. buck720

    buck720 Well-Known Member

    we have around 11 and we would like at least 4 to 5 more
  4. Dirt Clod

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    Might be interested. Could you PM me a phone number or other contact info, so I might be able to find out more about the club? I'm familiar with a couple of camps down there and a few of the locals. We may have some friends in common. Thanks! DC
  5. buck720

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  6. buck720

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  7. armyguy

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    i would be very interested. send me a PM:flag:
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    I just got word tonight that our lease in Rison will not be renewed for 2009. Family owned land and the landowner is wanting family only on his land. So, My 7 year old and I, along with one of my best friends are looking for another lease to join. I would be very interested in a family oriented opportunity.
  9. cankels

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    How many stands are you allowed, have you killed any good bucks and are there any hogs on this club.
  10. Being in Ashley County you might want to contact Glenn Hollis about Hollis hunting club. They have 1400 acres are so and the deer population is good. There is a family of Hopper's that hunt there. Mr. Hollis is in his 70's and is president of the club. Hunting environment with these guys is good. Sorry I don't have Mr. Hollis' phone number. He could be listed under Fountain Hill or North Crossett.
  11. deerslayer56

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    please add a number so i can find out more info. very interested!!
  12. Hollis Hunting Club

    You might find Glenn Hollis in the Hamburg, AR directory. I don't have his phone #.
  13. How far from Little Rock?
  14. buck720

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    Guys we only have 2 memberships left they are going fast. We do not have a limit on stands we just try to be considerate and we are 100 miles south of Little Rock. Army guy joined our lease today he can give you guys an idea of what we have. We do have alot of deer and good deer very few hogs.
  15. its me

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    are there any openings left ? i live in mcgehee so that would'nt be that bad of a drive .
  16. buck,
    where is ya'lls lease exactly? Roads it's close to or anything?
  17. britej

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    I would like to know too. I went to college in Monticello way back from 91-94.. and used to love to hunt there.
  18. cmadden111

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    Im in if there is a spot left. PM me and we can settle. Thanks.
  19. black brant

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    just lost our lease to warren prairie.would like to find another place close to warren.
  20. i want in how do i contact you for details