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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by rackrocker, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. rackrocker

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    I am brand new to this website, pretty much stay glued to it at work now. My lease is in Zone 12 and we have had a horrible year. Usually you are guranteed to see at least 2 or 3 deer everytime you get in the stand. This year I have been skunked several times along with the other members of my camp. We have about 10 members and have only harvested 14 deer. I have heard this problem from a couple of other camps in the same zone, any ideas on why this happened this year? Anyone else having the same problem?
  2. shotgun wg

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    Welcome to the site. And don't feel like the lone ranger cause I have a stand that 20 is not unusual to see. this year there have been several days didn't see any.

  3. 4hunting

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    Well, by the G&F's new Real Time harvest report, someone in Zone 12 must have been wacking them pretty good, even better than it was last year, to date 71,075 have been tagged so far. Last year Zone 12 harvested 68,047 total, that's shows by their numbers to be an increase of 3028 more deer harvested this year than last & season is still on going so numbers are is not complete.

    Take a look for yourself:

    You know, with so many people saying it has been so bad this year, it does make wonder if a little "Dot Com" majic is working somewhere?:whistle:
  4. y hunt

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    I do not hunt that part of the state,but I bet it is one of two things. Acorn crop has moved the deer or they are dead and not there. Alot of the lease land is pine and the deer will move father than people think to a good acorn crop.
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    I've never been big on conspiracy theories, but it does make you wonder. Everybody I know has said they or their camps haven't seen or killed nearly the deer they did last year.
  6. 4hunting

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    Me either T, but, Yes it does make one scratch their head, does it not!!!!!!!!:head:
  7. rackrocker

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    My stands were hardwood bottoms, covered up in acorns and still saw very few deer. Most of my pics were at night though. Also, we didn't have a whole lot of water on our lease due to the really dry summer, I am guessing that had something to do with it as well.
  8. The deer are still here. I was seeing lots in the beginning of the season and when the White Oaks started dropping they didn't need to move for food.
    The thing about South Arkansas is sometimes those pine thickets have little pockets of hardwoods that sometimes get overlooked.
    I have been out all morning running around down here. I have seen a lot of sign....scrapes are being hit,rubs that were not there a few weeks ago and lots of tracks.
    Saw 5 deer running around on the Rhino so they are there.....but I didn't see any until around 10:30am.
    They do this it seems every year and I chalk it up to just deer behavior.
    They were rutting and the mature does are not gonna move much thus the bucks are not either.
    I think the Xmas hunt will be better IMO.......or break your bow out and go at them in January....
  9. Tony Harris

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    I hate to say it but it has been a typical year for us. 1100 acres, 15 members and so far we have killed 32 deer. About 1 buck for every 1.35 doe. Not great but a few of us are still at it.

    I think a bumper acorn crop slowed movement after late Oct. Right now it is like walking on marbles on our lease. Still seeing a few bucks and doe at least 4 or so each day. Not many but enough to keep you out there 4 or 5 hours at a time. I think we get lazier the further season goes and we should be the opposite. This is the last gun weekend so get out there, leave the wheeler in the truck, walk that extra 1/2 mile in the dark and see if they move better. Going to be cold out there campers, bundle up.
  10. pruitt76

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    The overall harvest on our lease was about average. The buck harvest numbers were down and the doe numbers up. Not a bad thing for us. We have had a few years in a row with close to 2 to 1 ratio (bucks to does).
  11. parkj5

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    we saw alot more deer early this year than we ever have.up to thanksgiving after that they whent moving at night.
  12. The dang things must have missed me......I had one doe that stood and watched me coming down a logging road until I was right on top of her......then she just trotted off....
    Maybe they have missed us as well......:fit:
  13. Tony Harris

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    Try riding up and parking in the same spot and walking to that stand day in and day out and then shooting a couple deer and see how long they stand. The good Lord gave you legs for a reason. :wink:
  14. GWHunter

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    You didn't say which county your hunting and I realize zone 12 is huge and certain areas have more deer than others. But as of right now the total harvest for zone 12 is 3,030 more deer this year than last.
    '09-'10 68,047
    '10-'11 71,077

    I too have heard the same that you're saying. Bottom line if a lot of folks are having a bad year, a lot more are having a good one. If we believe the harvest numbers that is.
  15. Done that........I have one stand that I drive up and park right under it......I have had them stand and watch me climb up in it and then go back to eating.
    For the last two years me and a friend have tagged teamed our does off of it......I shoot .......He shoots...I and some friends have taken as many as 6 does off that stand in one keep in mind that this is a pasture.
    But trust me I know what the good lord gave me legs for........that is the only one I do that on.
    Kind of nice when it is raining........and yes there have been some very nice bucks taken off that stand.
    But the deer right in this area don't get shot at .......they get shot!
    Other then that they do what they want without any bother.
    A lot of that is because they see us all year not just the fall......that is the key.
    Now I have to head back to world from down here in the woods......:frown:
  16. CrabClaw

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    Can agree that this has been one of the worst seasons that I can remember in our area. I have talked to many different guys around the area and in general all agree-we also can't really understand why? I don't believe the numbers posted by the AGFC- too much evidence to the contrary- IMHO of course:cool:
  17. bigangrychicken

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    my worst year in 30 years of hunting. I have gotten a little picky, tho.
  18. Hip

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    thats how my season has been. saw tons early then it has been slim eince thanksgiving. I have seen more bucks this year than i have in the past 3
  19. rackrocker

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    We are in Calhoun just north of Hampton.
  20. green_head_getter

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    It has been horrible at our camp i'n Woodlawn. I have made 2 weekend trips where I didn't see a deer period. Lots of people saying the same. Idk who I's doin all the killin to increase the numbers. Ain't anyone near me