South Arkansas rut?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by nbaker, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. nbaker

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    Guys I'm heading south to my inlaws for the holiday and will be hunting there property and was wondering if the rut has started or what stage it was in. They live in the star city area. Thanks..
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    full blast...hunt hard

  3. nbaker

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    That's what I like to hear! Thanks a lot.... I will be in the woods by noon..
  4. Arkie_3_fan

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    I hope that's the case. My buddy went down to our camp and sat on a stand where we ALWAYS see deer and was skunked. All he had come by was a fox. :smack:
    Hopefully this cooler weather will have the deer on the move... well, hopefully it will have them on the move tomorrow since I have to work today. :smack:
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  6. mossyoakmilitary

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    I live in Star City but hunt in the warren area, and the rut is in full swing. Just last weekend I had two bucks about 200 yards in front of me in a knockdown drag-out fight for over 5 minutes. Saw a doe chasing a 7 point real hard:head: My advice is stay on the stand for as long as you can stand it right now.
  7. Vetrock

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    I hunt near Wilmar. The rut has been going on for about a week and a half. I walked up on a nice 6 pt last weekend chasing a doe. There was a man with his grandson about 100 yds in the opposite direction, so I positioned myself to "shoo" the buck in their direction. He ran that way but circled back to the doe and I "shooed" him again.

    The kid never saw the buck. My guess is he finally circled around me to get back to the hot doe.

    My Bro in Law killed a nice 8 point that ran out into a field to get 2 smaller bucks off of some hot does.

    Fun times.
  8. goldengrizz

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    Hunting in mcgehee thanksgiving and Friday. Hope to see some action and get my first 4x4. Hope this cold weather keeps them moving. Ill let yall know if I have any luck. Good luck to everyone this weekend!
  9. Arkie_3_fan

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    Didn't take me long to figure out who you were.
    How did the hog hunting go yesterday?
  10. I saw a spike making a scrape yesterday, and then a tiny 6pt, a doe and her fawn about dark. So far the bucks necks ain't swelled up, neighbor killed one opening weekend chasing a doe. Killed 2 since and one didn't even smell, the other stunk awful, neither had swollen necks. I think next week or this weekend will be when it hits. It is close that is for sure.
  11. nbaker

    nbaker Well-Known Member

    Seen 1 little 4pt last night. Alarm didn't go off this morning, put my sack of corn out hope they find it soon.
  12. Arkie_3_fan

    Arkie_3_fan Well-Known Member

    Nothing moving this morning at all. Saw 1 deer where I normally see 20 on a slow day and usually 35 or more. Ready for this full moon to be over with! :smack:
  13. CrabClaw

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    No offense, but we have seen hardly any rutting activity:down:
  14. spit-n-drum

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    The best has definitely passed in the Arkadelphia/Sparkman area. The 2nd weekend of season usually sounds like a war as people are filling doe tags before breaking camp, but there was such little shooting that it didn't even seem like deer season. Most of last week, I saw 1 to 2 deer a day in places I normallly see 10-20 deer a day. I actually had a stretch of seeing 4 deer in 4 days. Luckily, one of those was a 9 point with an 18 inch spread and he has been laid to rest. Towards the end of last week, I began to see some good activity just before dark. The last couple of days, the doe movement has really picked back up with a good bit of shooting yesterday morning. It can certainly happen, but getting a big buck now is going to take quite a bit of luck. I think they were in the lockdown period early last week and are now coming out of it. Some bucks may start to seek new does, but the big ones will become more and more nocturnal. That is just my 2 cents worth. I would appreciate any other opinions from people hunting in this area.
  15. big bloesch

    big bloesch Well-Known Member

    I hunt around Warren and the old timers in the club say this is the worst year they can remember. I had a huge 5 pt at the feeder with 2 doe and a yearling and no romance at all. I am still seeing little ones trying to nurse momma. I average seeing 30 deer a day and other than the 5pt nothing but some buttons, the rest are doe.
  16. Arkie_3_fan

    Arkie_3_fan Well-Known Member

    Still nothing doing in my area near Warren either.
    Did finally get a picture of a decent little 9 point this week. Sure hope he can make it till next year.
    I did this this trail camera photo of some rut activity though.
    I use the term "rut activity" very loosely though. :smack:
  17. Pokey

    Pokey Well-Known Member

    There's nothing going on in the Camden, Chidester, Bluff City area. We've been getting some good bucks on camera, but all at night. Hunted 4 days last week and I haven't seen a deer :banghead:. Next week it's 9 days of vacation, hopefully the weather and the moon will cooperate.
  18. On the downhill slide. I saw a good 8 pt hot on a doe Sat evening. The rest of the weekend I saw some bucks out walking like they were going somewhere. Trolling no doubt. Scrapes being hit a lot. I don't think there are many does in heat left right now.

    Still could be good for a while as bucks try to find those last remaining does.

  19. hope not I been stuck at work... we down in Sparkman and the boyz at our camp killed two big 8pts.......just this past friday and saturday..both had fresh scars from fighting...our area has too many darn does to tell when everything is full blast.....bucks don't have to move far to find a girl to cuddle up to:fit::fit:...can't get there till the end of the week......maybe.....gotta get a kitchen pass has been unseasonable too
  20. arkansasdave

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    It was definately on 1st weekend. saw several chasing then going back tomorrow