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Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by mossyhorn, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. mossyhorn

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    I hate to say it but soon American won't be number one anymore. With the money problems and the Gov's hidden agendas, with the crime and God being put on the back burner we are doomed as a nation. But I shall not fall with it. When the food runs out i shall hunt, when theres no gas i'll sit the saddle and I will defend whats mine and the people I love by force if push comes to shove. May God or whoever you believe in help us all, we will need it soon.
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  2. truckmetal23

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    30 yrs ago when my dad and uncle started sayin the same thing I thought they were paranoid old fogeys,that all we had to do was crank up the Skynard,fire up another one,and every thing would work out,I was wrong. The problem is,the downfall doesnt happen all at once,its a slow fade(Casting Crowns),a man has to see it comin and not get behind the 8 ball,I'm afeerd we've let go to far!:flag:

  3. scotty

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    I think the world is doomed!!!
  4. btech29

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    Its worse than Ive ever seen or even heard of. This liberal crap we got nowadays is going to catch up with us.

    I know there is a couple of liberals on this site now. Its just a matter of time before they come on spouting their stupid crap.
  5. FrogTacos

    FrogTacos Well-Known Member

    Its just like prepping for a storm. Only this one gonna last LOTS longer than anything we have ever seen before.

    Beans, bullets, and batteries.
  6. mossyhorn

    mossyhorn Well-Known Member

    I feel like I could hold out for the long run but I know you can always be more prepared. I feel that it's too late to change whats already been done.
  7. I agree. Good post.
  8. sportsmanetc

    sportsmanetc Well-Known Member

    I agree. Prepare- then prepare some more.
  9. bracomadar

    bracomadar Well-Known Member

    Every empire will eventually fall. America has been overrun with the arrogance it can do whatever it wants, whenever it wants, and there are no consequences. We spent too much time and money trying to control ourselves and the rest of the world, while ignoring what's really important. I'm not looking forward to the economic future ahead of us, but it might do us some good to be humble for a while.
  10. jsilver919

    jsilver919 Well-Known Member

    i think of this every day and worry of whats to come in the near future
  11. mossyhorn

    mossyhorn Well-Known Member

    Good post. +1
  12. CrappieMaster220

    CrappieMaster220 Well-Known Member

    I wonder if the cabinet ever says to the president "Your wrong" or "Thats a bad idea"....
  13. Sammy L

    Sammy L Member

    Prophets of Doom-History Channel

    Last week, I watched Prophets of Doom on History Channel. Six, very smart, "experts in their fields," discussed Water, Oil, the Monetary System and Nukes. We, "as an educated people" are in an arrogant denial and feel America is bullet-proof. Again, watch this show, buy the video and have your loved ones watch and discuss it! What will it hurt, even if they are wrong?

    Water and Oil are King! Our off-shore oil rigs are already on their way to So. Am./Brazil and all our major waterways are contaminated. IE: You can only eat so much fish from many of our streams IN THE NATURAL STATE???! It is against the law to shower more than 5 minutes in Austraila! We can live without oil, but not water! (BTW: EVERYONE of us will be hunting during a financial crisis). We need to identify quickly, that if gas prices rise much more (by summer), will need to start "locallizing our food sources (farmers mkts & "truck patches"). Wal-Mart's shelves only hold a "few days inventory" with many products taveling 1,500 shipping miles! (a fact of this show!) I have been a loan officer for 27 years and for the first time, I'm VERY concerned. I would conservatively estimate 7 in 10 loan applicants are truly "one paycheck from bankruptcy". Their mortgage (with no equity) is at least $1,200 monthly, they have 2 car payments of $500-$600 each (again, no equity) and they only have $3,000 in savings and a $10k 401-K ! Bottom line is, "there is just too many people on this planet and we've not taken care of our resources". The Prophets said, "They have never seen the dooms day issues" surface AT THE SAME TIME like they will within this decade". We must take the time and discuss these issues with our neighbors and loved-ones. We need everyone (especially our politicians) to address these issues NOW! It's not politics anymore.. It's survival. They laughed at Noah too.
  14. TacHunter

    TacHunter Well-Known Member

    I agree, we are in for it alright! I've said it many times before on here, AS A NATION, WE HAVE BECOME TOO SOFT!! We are so worried about winning the hearts and minds of our enemies that we cannot possibly win. We are sure to adhere to "rules of engagement" while we kill millions of unborn children. It's just all thge STUFF going on without any remorse.....homosexuality, drug abuse, and all manner of lawlessness. I'm stocking up now, and getting ready for REAL hard times. It just sadens me to see a once great nation on it's way down. :hopeless:
  15. mossyhorn

    mossyhorn Well-Known Member

    Soon we "Americans" will be tested. Do what is RIGHT and keep GOD close and prepare for rough times. It wont be pretty but we can make it.
  16. loki

    loki Well-Known Member

    Whaduya mean a matter of time?
  17. loki

    loki Well-Known Member

    It's a good post until you ask him "whats really important" and why it's good we should be "humble". Just try asking him that.
  18. mossyhorn

    mossyhorn Well-Known Member

    shouldn't we all be humble? I try to be as humble as possible. When it comes to what is important....God, less crime, financial stability, immigrtion control.........:whistle:
  19. loki

    loki Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking that's not what baracometer and friends have in mind. For most liberals/leftists being humble amounts to acknowledging the sins of our ancestors (mostly white guys) and all the damage we did to; gays, blacks, indians, pretty much anybody not white.

    In addition to this we need to come to terms with all the problems cause by our ancestors unreasonable attachment to christianity. They also feel we live too well; eating too much, using too much oil to drive our cars, driving cars instead of using mass transit, and using far too much electricity. Did I mention they hate it when we drive cars? :skeptical:

    It was even suggested by similar thinking individuals at the world climate change conference in cancun just recently who suggested the "west" (that's you and me) should halt our development to allow the third world to "catch up" with us. That's the kind of humble most liberals/leftists are alluding to.
  20. mossyhorn

    mossyhorn Well-Known Member

    I understand what your saying and agree with most of it. I cant put into words what im trying to say.....I've typed it like 10 FREAKIN times and i keep deleting it.:banghead: