Some buffet observations.

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by btech29, Jan 5, 2011.

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    I was sitting at KFC today eating lunch. They have a buffet and Ive noticed this same thing at all buffets Ive been to.

    I was the first and only person in the place when I got there. Two dorks came in and sat in the booth right next to me even though the place was empty. Whats wrong with a little buffer zone? Then I noticed as they got their drinks. They were taking drinks as they walked back to their table. Then they flogged the buffet like they were starving to death. Again taking bites of their food as they were walking back to the table.

    Next an old couple came in. I was walking up to the buffet and they all but ran me over to get to the food. I actually feared for my life at one point. I hate buffets. Are people really that hungry and thirsty that they have to act like fools? All over food? Dont people know if the foods gone they will bring more? Common courtesy is thrown out the window at a buffet table. Most people ask like complete morons.

    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    I feel for ya b!!:biggrin:

    Some folks, and it seems here lately, even older folks that know better have thrown Common Courtesy out the window!!

  3. possum

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    For some reason I was expecting some quotes from Jimmy Buffet. :smack:
  4. btech29

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    :fit: I seen an old lady who had her plate piled up. Looked just like that.
  5. coonnutz

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    I hate going to a Buffet, I also strongly dislike it when people sit down at the next table over when the place is empty, I'm a private type of person and like to enjoy sorta quite lunches and dinners, but when you have undesirables flocking KFC buffet like a bunch of tards it's hard to achieve that goal:censored:
  6. jwalker

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    I get my money worth every time
  7. Are your table manners lacking.....:fit:j/k
  8. Lonnie

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    Kind of ironic you brought up this subject today btech!! My wife and I went to Bentonville today and I always like to eat at a certain chinese buffet up there when we go.

    They have 3 really long buffets and plenty of food. They seem to be pretty popular. I always schedule my appointments up there so the lunch crowd is pretty much gone or gone all together when I go to eat.

    Just like you we got to our seats and were pretty isolated away from the few folks that were in there. But as luck would have it the next 3 parties that came in all came over to sit next to us!!

    It wouldn't have been so bad but of the 11 people in the 3 different tables only one of them was under 300 lbs and all but three of them were women!!! Another spoiled lunch!!:fit:
  9. i hate buffets, there are 2 that i will even consider eating at.
  10. rchunter

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    I cannot help but notice the number of extralarge folks that go to buffet restaurants.
  11. Arkiehunter74

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    So now we know b is scared of old people. :fit:

    Outside Alexandria, LA I saw my dad "asked to leave" from a crawfish buffet. He turned and asked them for a doggy bag to go. :fit::fit:
  12. A few months ago I went to Kentucky to fix an airplane. On our way home we stopped at a KFC in some town in KY...... seriously I was waiting for the banjo to start playing .
    Everyone in there looked related to each other......I too feared for my life....we ate and got out as fast as we could!!!!!!!!
  13. Tink

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    I don't eat at those things. To many germs an so many people handle those tongs an breathing over the food.
  14. MollyWhop

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    Crawfish doesn't count. That is a food that no one on this planet can eat enough of....:clap:
  15. tmeredith

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    Hey B! I have the same problem with people wanting to sit next to me or park their car next to mine anywhere I go. I think most people are flockers, just like birds. They feel safe in a big group or something. Anyways the thing burns my rear most about buffets are the people who lick their fingers while they're filling their plate. They'll pick up a spoon and get some juice on their fingers and then lick em off and grab another spoon! That's terrible! Whenever I go to a buffet I always use a napkin to pick up the spoons.
    One more thing. How many times have you gone into the bathroom at some buffet eatin' joint and seen some dude come out of a stall fresh from doing his business and he walks out without washing his hands? I think about that everytime I see some old lady licking her fingers after picking up the spoon. What if that dude picked up the spoon before her? She might as well be lick.......Well let's just say that's not very sanitary!
  16. You ever wonder what goes on in kitchen??
    Chinese buffet special........

  17. btech29

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    I agree t. I always say Im never going back. Its not just the gross, its also the stupidity. People act like a bunch of crazed idiots. I mean dang its just food. I wish I could video some people to let them see how stupid they look.
  18. Tink

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    What made me stop was me an my wife was at Golden Corral. I went to use the rest room an I was washing my hands. Well a guy came out of the stall from dumping his first round eat at the buffet. Didn't wash his hands walk right out of the door. Then say him pick his nose pick up the tongs :smack: that's was the last straw.
  19. btech29

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    Dang right I am. I thought this one old lady was going to beat me with her walker. She even took off the tennis balls and everything.