solar power battery ?

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  1. emerson

    emerson Well-Known Member

    I'm going to try this on a feeder this year , Feeds once a day maybe 6 sec . But its in the woods( no sun ) . Will the battery last ?
  2. artey72

    artey72 Well-Known Member

    I would think it would be fine, I set my feeders up with solar charger and they feed 4 times a day.

  3. bullcreekboy

    bullcreekboy Well-Known Member

    Solar panels charge during daylight, but they will charge more in direct sunlight. It should increase your battery life, but how much I can't say. When I ran a feeder with a solar panel, it was under pine trees. It still lengthened the run time of the 6v rechargeable battery by 3-4 times.
  4. emerson

    emerson Well-Known Member

    Thanks , I was thinking it would but this will be the 1st time for solar power battery .
  5. SA Doc

    SA Doc Well-Known Member

    Get a 12 volt battery/solar panel
    I usually get a 2-3 yrs out of a 12v battery feeding twice a day, but once had one make it over 5 yrs.
    I never had much luck with the 6 volt ones and the cost isn't much different.
  6. armallard

    armallard Well-Known Member

    we use the sun slinger spinners on ours and the have the the panel on the end and seem to work great.
  7. Mountain Oyster

    Mountain Oyster Well-Known Member

    How do you keep the coons and squirrels from destroying the panels and wires.
  8. SA Doc

    SA Doc Well-Known Member

    The ones we use have a flexible metal tube over the wires.
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