Social media censorship.

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by Chasegal88, Jul 31, 2020.

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    I don’t share much stuff on Facebook politically so I’ve not seen first hand the censorship that goes on. I shared a very simple meme of Obama, nothing crazy just a little humorous. I get an alert later that the AP fact checked my post and declared it as FALSE and they cover the photo with a false label. You have to click see photo now to view it.

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  2. I'm the same way,but I posted a hydroxychloroquine article and they did the same thing.

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    Dumbbo ears .:mad:
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    Facebook is a fraud. They claim they're not discriminating against conservatives, but everyone can see they're a pack of liar's.
  5. I post stuff there and I'm sure some of it has just disappeared. Especially the anti Democrat memes I make.
    There is definitely a crew of "ERASERS" there.
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    I quit Facebook years ago and even then only had it for a year, stupid as hell! I don't waste my time on any social media sites except this one but this is for the normal people out there.
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    @Chasegal88: Go into your FB settings and go to "blocking" and block "Factchecker"! And "Fact- Check"... I do that to every couple months! Works pretty good; I get away with murder on my FB page!
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  8. I don't understand why ya'll use a social media site that is so malaligned with your beliefs.
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    I believe it’s referred to as the majority silent.
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    I origionally got on Facebook to keep up with a few far flung cousins. Then my wife added some of her co-workers and several recipe pages. I quit talking to most of my cousins, who for some stupid reason thought I wanted them to call me weekly, when we never got along that well as it was! And I just went into settings and blocked factchecker! Holy cow! There was Tommy Factchecker, Bob Factchecker, etc! Hilarious!
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    I don't "facebook", but I think by blocking it, it only works on what you personally, view....
    Other folks are still gonna see your post blocked.
    Doing that only makes you feel better... It still stops others from seeing what you really think.
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  13. I joined FB when my son joined the Marine Corps.. One way I could always communicate with him were private messages on there and here.. I got 3 warnings in 2 days last week for things I posted on friends pages that were reported by their other friends.. I've got my "friends" list down to 16 people.. Only 1 family member (my son), a couple of close local friends and the rest are Marine Corp parents or Marines that were friends of my son's and I met at one time or another.. It's the liberals reporting my post that I have the most problems with..
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    I’ve never been a “ Facebooker” or “ Twittererer” I don’t really care what people are doing all the time and I sure don’t want them knowing what I’m doing.
  15. Mr. Chitlin

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    You can friend me. I don’t report anything. :D
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  16. rmcmurry

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    I've opened an account here. Seems to be Conservative/Christian. And NOT facebook!
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    Not true, I get replies from people all over on my posts that before were getting blocked!
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    Never had Facebook never will. Don't matter tho, my wife does it enough for both of us.
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  19. sam

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    If you don't at least get an occasional warning, you ain't doing it right!
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  20. Facebook is handy for staying in touch with some family all over the world, some veteran related gab and some silly jokes.
    It *is* a private company so they can do whatever they wish w/ regards to filtering or blocking content posted on it. I don't get too involved in online politicking at all.... never does good IMHO.
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