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So whos catching what? Daily updates from your line

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So, thought it would be fun to start a thread for everyone to share there catches, misses, pullouts, and all the other fun and frustrating daily events from the line!
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Pulled 21 traps from a property this AM. Had them there for 6 days. This morning had a big black boar coon, and a grinner. That makes 5 coons, 1 skunk, 2 bobcats, 1 squirrel, rabbit, and several opossums from this property, time to move on. Got a few beaver sets to run still today, and gonna set out some mink cubbies and otter boxes.
Been trapping for 2 weeks and still O'fer. Like I said though, after watching some instructional videos, I realize all my sets are wrong or need improvement.

Cool thread, looking forward to posting my first catch.
Just got a few out around the home farm this year. Four skunks and a grinner so far. :smack:
Been trapping for 2 weeks and still O'fer. Like I said though, after watching some instructional videos, I realize all my sets are wrong or need improvement.

Cool thread, looking forward to posting my first catch.
Watcha using for bait? U got a sifter?
0/4 on the beaver sets :head: Got a cpl moved, and 6 mink boxes set. Im a lil nervous about the mink boxes because i havent pre-trapped for coon, but we'll see! I'll be taking 160's with next time.
One boar coon last night. I had most of my sets messed up last night by stinking hogs. They rooted up and down a slough I had them on and turned 'em over and stepped in them. I hate hogs!!!d2
caught a nice gray fox this morn or should I say before the flood, had another fox miss the pan -pulled most of my trps but will be setting a much longer line starting monday. Good luck out there guys and be carefull!!!
One medium beaver outta 4 sets, and picked up a skunk in a cpl sets by the house. got a bobcat carcass from last sunday, so gonna grind some bait, and get ready for after the holidays.
Nothen this morning. Getten used to checking empty traps. Seems like when I go to trapping all the animals move out!
All mine way under water. I was just barely able to get them all...d2
Scored my first catch!!! Went and set 3 dirthole sets this afternoon and had a coon in my live trap. I baited with Sardines but had to re-bait with deer meat cause that's all I had this time.

And Camo, I did a bunch of reading on and watched some good youtube videos and think I got it right this time. I did get a makeshift sifter (found an old fish/french fry basket in my FILs barn that makes an awesome sifter) that made all the difference in the world on covering my traps. Got some conduit, 1/16" wire and double ferrules and made some disposable stakes and made some really nice sets. dont have any lure so I just rubbed the deermeat on stuff around the set. I peed a little on the tuft of grass of one set, didn't on another and hung tape out of an old cassette above the one that is on a field edge in hopes of attracting a cat. I used crumpled wax paper to cover my pan before sifting and worked hard to firmly bed every trap where they didn't wobble at all. Pulled my snares and plan to set them along our fence here on the farm as we've had a lot of activity lately die to all the calves we've had born lately...Done got me a trappin bag and everything. I can tell you right now, after toting a shovel, camp ax for a hammer and a metal pipe to dig my holes, I see one of them groundhog hammers in my future.

Gonna skin that coon for bait and cut out and freeze his glands for scent until I can buy some. Y'all think that's a good idea?
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Congrats OMM!
been trapping for a week so far got 5 coon, 2 bobcats and 5 beaver. I dont count skunks and grinners, got several of them:smack:
Been trapping for about a month and i've caught 13 beavers 5 otters and 3 coons.
1 for 3 today. Got my first foot hold catch, a big male opossum. Not much but I figure he'd eat 50-100 turkey eggs a year so I definitely want to catch all of them I can. forgot to bring bait so I cut his leg off and smeared it all over the log and sapling above my dirt hole and shoved it way down in there. Y'all think that'll work? What about the blood left there from when I shot him, will that hurt or help?

Merry Christmas
I'm a Nutria and opossum catching machine 6 of each in the last 2 days. Also 2 coon and a beaver.
Ain't caught nothen in a week. There was a bunch of tracks when I started now I can't find a single track!
I've caught 3 coyotes, a possum and 1 feral cat in 5 nights in just 4 traps.
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