So how was the Metro today??

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by jjarvis0007, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. jjarvis0007

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    Didnt go bc I had been 3 times this week and going 3 more times next week. Got a limit almost every time we went this week. Was it packed as usual? The ducks were everywhere Thursday. Were they still in there for everyone to fight over? How bad was swing shooting? Did anyone have any disrespectful people around them? Let us know. Hope everyone had a good time without these problems just thought i would ask.
  2. sunny b

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    lots of swing duck shooting, more skybusting, still several ducks but they are "almost" TOTALLY uncallable. It is really on the borderline of becoming RIDICULOUS. i don't give away kill #'s though:cool: You do know that rain and cloudy is the forecast for most of the coming week, that SUCKS.

  3. arkdrake

    arkdrake Well-Known Member

    The metro is almost becoming just like a strip club, you see a whole lot of skin but when it is said and done with, your going home broke and empty handed.
  4. jjarvis0007

    jjarvis0007 Well-Known Member

    We were there last week in the rain and clouds and there were more birds than ever. Im ok with the weather. Doesnt stop me from having fun!
  5. arkdrake

    arkdrake Well-Known Member

    With the water dropping and the people pouring in, we moved out. And thank goodness we did. That being said, i will be there twice next week.
  6. snydedawg

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    My bro went down there this weekend to see his family and get in a bit of duck hunting. They came out with 60 ducks total...(not sure how many went with them or what they shot though).

    He said they had one group of nearly 500 (yes, that is what he claimed) to light right won through the woods. They never fired a shot on them!! They kept coming like rain drops so he said!

    He's takin' the zero tomorrow to hunt another patch they call the "Woodrow Hole" on the farm with is son. Sounded like they had a blast. D-Rod (his son) was happier than Christmas morning when I talked to him.
  7. arkansasbowhunter

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    hunted my lease just south of buckingham and heard lot of shooting from cannon break and long pond area. no shooting in buckingham as woods and my lease were froze up tighter a tick. wishing I had a boat to hunt the deeper timber holes in bayou meta.
  8. drakemaster

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    The water is dropping out so fast where we hunted thurs, friday and sat. Today it was too dry to hunt. We had been killing them in there pretty consistently since new years. That really sucks. Why drop it out so fast. Just makes less room too hunt.
  9. The Metro has been terrible for the last three years and this year it finally got back to it's reputation as being a good place to duck hunt for the common man and what does the AGFC do, drain more water out than necessary in their emergency de-watering. Just another reason I'm going back to leasing next year. I don't know what another week would hurt before they pull the plug.:confused:
  10. Manybeards

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    I mean really why in the :censored: can they not wait one week to drain the water. :mad: game and fish has really done some stupid things this year.
  11. A quick review. They drop the boards around mid October to start catching the rain fall. Late October we get some heavy rains and the Metro starts looking good for opening day. The fields around the Metro are loaded with ducks. I'm licking my chops. I go down to do early scouting that happens to be the day that the Special Deer Hunt starts. Talk to some hunters and they say the woods were flooded but the water is dropping because the AGFC had "pulled" the boards. The story is that some farmers whose fields are adjacent to the Metro WMA complain and the local WMA officers make a decision without notifying higher authorities. There had been a law suit in the past that the AGFC lost under similar situations. The head man on the board admitted that they should have just paid the farmers some compensation for them "unable to get their crops out" instead of pulling the boards and draining the huntable water that would have been idea for opening day. I had to walk 30-40 minutes on dry land in the woods before I hit water. It was a squealer's heaven but the big ducks were gone.:frown: Then we get more rain and the Metro gets right. The weather up north finally gets cold and we have the ducks that we haven't had in 3 or 4 years at the Metro. Then the season ends, opens for week and closes again. We get more rain and now the ducks are thick. The water is now higher than they like I suppose to keep the trees in the GTR alive so they start the emergency de-watering. They just pull the plug and walk it appears and let the rough edge drag. Everyone that hunted the 3'rd split should have killed ducks for a short period. Now you have a situation where there is very little water, hordes of hunters surrounding it, and it does not take a duck with a pea size brain to figure out that is not a good place to be. This week looks like it is going to be a hard freeze and that lower water just freezes faster than the level we had two weeks ago. I'm just venting but I feel better now.:soapbox:
  12. radwheeler

    radwheeler Well-Known Member

    t motor is fried or I would be in the hunting mthem. but if you been hunting the flats DON"T. :smack: have a good last week of hunting .u know we are are wore out from chasing these web footed birds , but you know a week after the season over and we catch up on our sleep. we all will be wishin we were still out there chasing:biggrin: The Rad
  13. drakemaster

    drakemaster Well-Known Member

    You cannot motor past the redline any more. You go 30 ft and you have to get out and walk. 6 days ago we could motor anywhere we wanted back there. Low water combined with freezing temps and lots of people = hard hunting in that area. May not be the same story everywhere.
  14. jjarvis0007

    jjarvis0007 Well-Known Member

    Did you come home with any ducks or just ice?
  15. Dogs & Ducks

    Dogs & Ducks Well-Known Member

    It's the same EVERYWHERE, Dagmar WMA is all but dry!!! I don't know if it's because we haven't had any measureable rainfall in a month or the HOLE in Mud Slew levee!!! :mad: :censored:
  16. jjarvis0007

    jjarvis0007 Well-Known Member

    Any reports from the Buckingham Flats area?
  17. bps12

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    Well It may be iced up, but we gonna give her hell anyways. Like arkarcher said you can't kill'em sittin at the house if nothin else we'll have a good time.