Snow geese decoys

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by CrappieMaster220, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. CrappieMaster220

    CrappieMaster220 Well-Known Member

    Is there a cheap way to make snow geese decoys that is effective? Or is anyone wanting to sell any decoys they have and dont use?
  2. JohnM

    JohnM Well-Known Member

    Yes, white trash bags. :wink:

  3. factory909

    factory909 Well-Known Member

    i bet those little trash bag things you fill with paper at Halloween time to look like ghosts would be the bomb.
  4. green_head_getter

    green_head_getter Super Member<br>2010 Bowhunting Contest Winner

    Lots of white trash bags, I would guess you would need a few actual decoys as well for added realism prolly at least 5 dozen real ones to have an effective spread
  5. CrappieMaster220

    CrappieMaster220 Well-Known Member

    I found a wheat farmer who is having a heck of a time with the snow geese tearing up his fields... He says they never leave... I'd like to go tear them up but I've never really hunted snow geese.. Just sneak up on em through ditches and what not.
  6. birdman24

    birdman24 Well-Known Member

    trash bags dont work..dont waste that little bit of money you'd have to spend on trashbags and start working on a real decoy spread little by little. i recommend sillosocks for the movement, lightweight, and portability but shells, full bodies, sillos, etc. are all good options. its best if you have buddies to go in on these with you because after all to set out a big spread you need a few guys to help you out! we set out a small, 2 man sillosock spread yesterday just for fun and we did get 9! those big things sure are fun to decoy and shoot..:thumb:

  7. JohnM

    JohnM Well-Known Member

    I'd rather spend my dough on canadian decoys the snow geese :up:
  8. snowpro

    snowpro New Member

    He is correct trash bags wont work. I started out with 2000 silo socks but the geese would not finish. I switched to 500 GHG full bodies and the geese finish. They are expensive but if you and a couple of buddies buy two dozen a piece every year you can build a huntable spread fairly quick.