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Discussion in 'Campfire' started by The Weatherman, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Well its looking like Old Man Winter is fixing to get NASTY! Starting with snow chances this weekend, and some of the coldest weather the state has seen in a while.

    Models are all over the place with snow this weekend.....meaning they dont agree with one another. I will say this, the best chance at seeing any snow accumulation will be Central and Southern Arkansas!!! If, temps stay where they need to be some places "could" see 1-2 inches, maybe more Saturday,Sunday, and Monday. Alot can change with this forecast, for the better, or worse, but one thing is for sure. It is going to get COLD with more chances of Winter weather next week. I say our first real Winter Storm will come somewhere around the 12th-16th.

    Bundle up and get ready Winter makes a tough stand the 8th and lasting at least 10-14 days, maybe longer. I will make another update on the thread Tomorrow night on snow chances for South Arkansas. Bundle up.
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    My wife works for Entergy, she's going to love to hear that.:mad:

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    I don't think I like you very much Mr Weatherman! Go to some nice tropical location and steal us some sunshine. I feel a hibernation coming on.

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    :fit::fit: Before I retired, I used to be ready willing and chomping at the bits........hated to work an ice/snow storm, especially in my own area, but it smelled of MONEY, and of course, headache, backache, little sleep, etc!!:biggrin:

    Now, if it comes, I want a BIG one, so I can make some money doing damage assesment, since we had no work in hurricane season:smack:

    I did see a forecast for the 14th or so with a pretty good chance, but no weatherman, I'll leave than to 'our' Weatherman:up:

    But like I used to tell my customers, when they asked if i was ready....." If the good Lord wants us to have one, bring it on, I'll handle it as best I can, besides, what can we do to stop it, if it does happen!!"
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    Pheonix can t come soon enough!
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    Yea, she was that way for a while but Katrina and Rita were more than a lot were ready for. She was gone for about 6 weeks straight then and at a time our Boys were very active in school. I wished a lot of times I could have took her place but it doesn't work that way. She spend about a week last year I think at the Mexican Boarder in Texas and it was rough there as well. 30 years will take some of that money drive out of you.
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    Only good thing about Phoenix is the heat. I'll take Ft Worth over Phoenix any day.
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    Not for golf!:thumb:

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    I hear ya....can't tell you what I missed with family/kids growing up and all with the 38+ yrs I did it......but it's a good feeling inside to come riding to the rescue, like the cavalry did, to help people...and that helps to keep ya doing it besides the money!!
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    bring on the snow! i miss it...hopefully it'll be more monday tuesday cause they close the base and my wifes dr office with pay! love her new job:up:
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    I wouldn't get too excited about the chance of snow in C. AR. POP's went from a whopping 20% to 30%.
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    Snow? Be a good time for some rabbit hunting.:biggrin:
  13. Models are really coming together to bring Central and Southern Arkansas a really good snow this weekend. Someone will be shocked from Northern La to Southern Arkansas....what I mean by that is 6-8 inches, Maybe more!!!
  14. awe man :banghead: I was hoping for a few snow showers to duck hunt in. But 6-8", you cant move in that crap...:censored:
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    Or get out yer white tuxedo and get in a tree!:biggrin:

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    weather man......texarkana too??
  18. From what I have been hearing from all the weather channels, they are saying LIGHT rain or light snow for Sat PM and Sun AM :whistle:, WheatherMan, I hope you are right about some snow but not that much :banghead:
  19. Yeah, the track of the Low is EVERYTHING. It means who recieves rain and who lands the big snow/sleet. As of "right now" somewhere around the Little Rock area looks the best for the snow. Could be a little South, or a little North, but most of Central, and some of Southern Arkansas is the bullseye right now for a pretty good snow.