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never used snares before so i was reading regs and it didn't mention QUICK KILL SPRINGS or using rams. i understand its best to use quick kill springs for bobcat and coyotes. anyone using snares with these? i have area with lots of trees fell across creeks in my area so i figured snares should be the ticket?
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only one piece locks are allowed on land sets using snares...kill springs, rams and camlocks are considered multi-piece locks.

If you looking to dispatch your target you can anchor your snares up high above their head and provide some sort of entanglement...
(snares cannot touch any fence when fully extended)

In an open area you can put down a kill pole (1/2" rebar stake) placed away from your anchor but within the reach of the extended snare...
when the animal makes their first circle they will wrap up on the pole...

typically cats need little entanglement or reason to kill themselves in a snare because they fight it so much...ever try putting a house-cat
on a lease?

On either one you may wish to use an extension so as to give them some room to run before hitting the end and causing the loop to cinch
down tight giving you a better chance of a clean dispatch...remember, snares kill by cutting off blood-flow not choking

Good Luck
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