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Always wanted to try to snare some rabbits or squirrels but I have no idea how. I have checked web sites and they dont seem to help much. Would it be easier for me to buy pre-made snares?
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Yes it would be Easyer to buy them. You will prolly have to buy a snare for mink.I ain't no pro just my 2 cents
Don't want to rain on you idea BUT...

While the AGFC has no regulations that prevent the snaring of Rabbit or Squirrel specifically during the trapping season, there is a deer-lock requirement for any land snare set more than 20ft from a permanent water source. That deer-lock prevents a snare from closing less than 2 1/2" in diameter. That requirement all but ensures bunnies and tree-rats would escape...AND even if held, you would need to run the line at a minimum of twice in 24 hours to keep Yotes, Cats, Fox, Coons and Raptors from stealing your catch...
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