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  1. Punkinseed

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    Se ark
    I was hit in back of my regular leather boot by a foot long cottonmouf. Wouldn’t have known if guy behind me hadnt seen it. I don’t know anybody that had ever been bit through any kind of boot and or pants.
  2. greentop

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    I turkey hunt a ton in a bunch of different states but rarely worry about snakes. I start paying more attention towards end of season. Springtime it’s normally still pretty cool in mornings.

    Now, they have been active for 3 or 4 months and are on the move looking for spot to spend winter.
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  3. Thenarwhal

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    I walked up to a pond one time and made a cast. As I was reeling it in I felt a weird flapping sensation against my right leg. I looked down and realized I was standing on the head of a boss cottonmouth. The flapping was the snake thrashing around against my jeans trying to get away. It must have been asleep when I walked up and happened to put my foot directly on its head. No sure how I didn't get bit on that one. Probably the six feet I jumped up straight into the air.
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    I nearly stepped on a rattlesnake Sunday baiting bears... i had already walked up the trail and didn't see him till I was coming back down and he was about 3ft from me.... ended up being about 4ft and bigger around than a beer can. I havent had a rush like that in a while...
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  5. Hogbreath

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    Yeah, I may have to get me a sling shot and bonk 'em on they dome with a rock.
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  6. Deerinthawoods

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    I wear snake boots unless I’m in some really boggy stuff and need rubber knee boots. I also walk with trekking poles. They are great for knocking down spider webs, moving branches out of the way, and poking around for snakes.
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  7. blake101307

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    That was just 1 fang that got him and swelling and nasty stuff was already much better in this pic when he was home from hospital.
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    That looks like most of the non dry bites I’ve seen.
    What was he doing to get bit?
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    FWIW, we have had an uptick lately here at ACH. Copperheads are giving birth. Younger kids are getting bit by "worms" LOL!
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  10. blake101307

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    Wasn't a dry bite trust me . That pic was by far not when it was even close to its worst . He was at his father's playing with his little brothers and says the snake started coming towards his little brother so he was trying to kill it with a stick. Stick broke snake struck and got him on the finger. Took 4 viles of anti venom.
  11. JR1

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    Wow! Do any permanent damage? Hope he's ok now.
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  12. R6mm

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    N. Texas
    Dink. Wouldn't waste a bullet on that one....
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  13. jackie53

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    Copperhead....Big en...
  14. blake101307

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    Bunch of huge pieces of skin came off almost like bad burn but healed fine. Small scar but not noticeable unless you look really close
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  15. pharmdeez

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    Sorry I wasn’t clear. Most bites we see are dry bites, his however looks like a “wet” bite to me.

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  16. Eschaum

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    Opening morning of deer archery 2018..5 am..felt something under my foot as I was walking slowly through the woods. Lifted my foot and something smacked my boot. Turned on my light and saw a good sized copperhead slithering away. Luckily, the wife gave me an early birthday present the night before..Irish Setter snake boots :) I wear them all year when I’m in the woods and never worry about a thing
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  17. Tugman

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    I wear rubber knee boots year round in the woods. I don’t worry about being bitten. But I still look for them in warmer weather. I’ve been walking through pit viper country for so long, I don’t consciously look for them anymore. I don’t even realize I’m doing it until I see one.
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  18. lawson6565

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    22 rat shot is a great snake repellant. they don't like the smell of it
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  19. cvan

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    Stepped right in the middle of a good size cotton mouth wearing a pair of Nike running shoes. Got lucky, hit heel, stuck fangs in net looking stuff and fell off after my first jump. Felt like stepping on a water hose.
  20. Tugman

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    Man! That IS lucky!!!