Snake Bite or Scorpion Sting: what does it feel like?

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by Hooked Spurs, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. Hooked Spurs

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    I have always been curious how a snake bite or scorpion sting feels. I've had close calls with both, but luck was on my side. For those of you that have been bit or stung, describe what it felt like at moment of impact. Where were you bit or stung (arm, leg, etc.), and what did you deal with afterwards (pain, swelling, sickness)???
  2. JR

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    I can't speak from any experience, but I've heard that a scorpion sting hurts like hell, some people have told me that it feels like a red wasp sting, only more painful.

  3. thelineman

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    I was stung by a scorpion once between my thumb and my forefinger. It felt worse than a red wasp sting 50 times. I could not tell exactly where it stung me until later because it made my whole arm hurt. Very little swelling. Just hurt. I picked up a grubbing hoe off the ground and it was on it. Never been snake bit.
  4. trashbag boogier

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    been bit by timber rattler 3 times and cotton mouth twice feels like your hand is cut off and on fire from a timber and dizzy and sick .i was rounding up a 5 foot timber when its mate nailed me he was in a bush.knock on wood my captive timbers dry bite.i get venom in my body through cuts on my hands when milking em i have a gotn use to it goin in my hands it doesnt burn as bad now
  5. quackpipe08

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    I just knew you had been bit trashbag. U can keep all that stuff to yourself. Id rather collect somethin that doesnt bite and is poisonous. But to each his own!
  6. Rattle-m-up™

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    I actually got stung by one two days ago out here in El Paso. Little one about an inch and a half long. It pretty much felt like a wasp sting at first and then it started feeling like someone was sticking molten lava to my foot ( I was wearing flip flops). Didn't really swell too much. Still is sore today.
  7. demented

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    Both hurt like Hell. The scorpion sting as soon as it hits, the snake gets worse as the poison starts eating you from the inside, and as the skin splits from swelling.
  8. trashbag boogier

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    :fit::fit:snakes are like weman it hard to find one that wont bite the hand that feeds it
  9. Gooch

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    The initial sting of a scorpion is a lot worse to me than a snake bite. I have been bitten by scorpions and two different poisonous snakes. A cotton mouth and a coontail rattler. The rattler just got me on the finger and I sure didn't give him must time to release his poision. The cotton mouth got me good enough on my trigger finger, that I pulled him up out of the ditch with him still attached. Hand swelled to about double.

    The worse scorpion sting I ever had, was on the arch of my foot. Stepped on him one night in the living room. I honestly thought my foot was going to explode with pain.
  10. Sylamore

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    The Scorpion sting reminds me of a hot 223 brass going down the front of your shirt. It will sure get your immediate attention. :thumb:
  11. WillyB71

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    That's it....maybe twice as bad as a Hornet. Made a black spot on my finger and stayed sore for 2-3 days.
  12. When my bro was in the AF he said he would shake out his boots every morning and sometimes a Jim Dandy scorpion would drop out.

    Never been snake bit, scorpions as a kid in Bonham. My cousin had one in his pajamas and it ran down his leg hitting him every 6 inches or so.
  13. BillF

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    Yep that is this issue with scorpions. They can sting you several times before you know what is going on. I reached behind a barn door one day and got stung hard by what I thought was a wasp. My natural reaction was to sling my hand and run. Little did I know When I slung my hand I slung the little devil onto my other arm where he got me twice more. Still never saw what was stinging me until I went in the house and saw him crawling on my belly. He had a very short life after that. Felt like a red wasp sting all 3 times.....
  14. angus

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    Not all sanke bites do hurt. it is not too uncommon to recieve a "Dry Bite" meaning they inject no venom. This then hurts like any puncture wound would hurt. Of cuorse there is also the psychological impact. Pit vipers generally do cause immediate pain (Rattlers, and Copperheads, and cottonmouths)

    But sometimes elapids (coral snakes), do not always at first, cause pain beyond the bite itself, and the neurotoxic effect can be sometimes delayed or immediate depending upon the nature of the bite. sometimes one is in immediate danger from a coral snake bite, and sometimes the neurotoxic symptoms will not show for hours.

    And then even for a dry bite, especially, from a cottonmouth (they are living garbage disposals), there is the very real threat of infection, which can in fact be worse than the venom.

    And of course for the vipers of America, an antivenom known as Crofab is generally used, which itself can have side effects worse than the poison itself. Best not to risk being bit at all.
  15. My bro was bitten in the back when we were kids playing in tall grass. We saw the fang marks and they put him in HP but never really knew what snake it was since we never even saw it. Hate snakes after lotsa close calls.:mad:
  16. .270Win

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    I've never been stung by a scorpion, but my wife found one crawling across our kitchen floor a couple of weeks ago. Talk about gettin' the heebie-jeebies! :hair:

    She was dancin' around so much I thought I was watching an old Michael Jackson for a second. :fit: