Slot Limit on Ouachita River

Discussion in 'Fishing' started by big buck down, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. big buck down

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    I read a newsletter today from the AG&FC that they are trying to put a slot limit on largemouth bass in the Ouachita River...There are meeting dates and times on the AG&FC website of the meeting locations and times...I personally think it's a crock of crap, most people that fish the river fish it to eat the fish they catch, will never around these parts JMO
  2. TheBattman

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    Slot limit on the Ouachita River... bad idea. Is it a particular part of the river, or the whole river? I can kind of see it if it is upstream from the lake - and they are adjusting to allighn with the lake. But if it is downstream... bad idea.

  3. CP

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    BBD...bad what I think.

    The lower Ouachita is a flood region with high waters almost every year. Our main bass "restocking" occurs during the overflows each year from downstream Louisiana waters. A slot would only make the fishing more restrictive with little long term benefits.

    We don't stock Florida' why bother...?:rolleyes:
    They need to address the "moss problems" in the shallow waters first...:smack: ...don't hold your breath though.
  4. big buck down

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    I was wondering if they were going to try and set it between Felsenthal Lock and the Calion lock or what area they where wanting to do, surely they are not talking about the whole thing.....
  5. wildgameassassin

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    My understanding is that there will be a 15" length limit from Tate's Bluff to the State Line.
  6. Arkie_3_fan

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    I think the length limit is pretty dumb as well. Once again, it's another case of our G&F trying something just for the heck of it... because they can. :smack:
    The only way something like that would make sense to me is if they also did a lot of work in addition to the length limit. Some habitat improvements (perhaps address those moss problems!), maybe even some sort of local hatchery... there's plenty of things they could do to help the situation if they really want to spend the time and money to do so.
  7. wildgameassassin

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    IMO, the length limit is one of the best ideas they have ever come up with, in the past 10 years the fishing on the River has gone to pot. Its no problem to catch fish it is a problem to catch fish of any size. I think that carrying the length limit all the way to Tates Bluff may be a little extreme, but you have to start somewhere. I do a lot of fishing around Spoons Bend, last year I had several trips where we would catch 40+ fish and have maybe have 10 fish over 12" and I doubt if we would have any over 15" and most of the fish would be under 10". It may suck for a few upcoming years but eventually it will pay off.
  8. Arkie_3_fan

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    Hopefully they'll at least leave the Saline River alone. I've caught some pretty good ones on it in the past few years.