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    I switched stocks on this and put a scope on it for my son to deer hunt with.. he killed 3 with it but now has upgraded to my 30-06.

    SKS (all matching numbers) with original wood stock, original receiver cap (replaced with after market with see thru scope mounts) , and cleaning kit.

    Synthetic Stock with Barska 4x32 scope and see thru mounts

    1 full box of Remington 7.62x39 125 gr. PSP

    1 high cap clip.

    SKS1.jpg SKS2.jpg

    Vilonia (501-269-0762)

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    Re: Sks

    Nice piece, bet it don't last long on here. Wish I hadn't one this morning. Paid about the same but you got the mags and scope. Good deal

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    PMs replied to. I am selling this to fund a new deer rifle for my son (or me , cause he is already calling my gun his. He hunts with it once and kills a deer, now it's automatically his), so not interested in trades unless it is in the flavor of 30-06 in stainless steel. Trades for cash are also acceptable.
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    Sold... please lock.