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    ...Did this site become Tighter than Dicks Hat Band to sign on for a new member??....Maybe I missed something in the Agreement when I joined back in 2008!??....Which Im sure has been changed/modified since??...Maybe a Stupid Question but here goes--Can another person not log onto and create an account from someone elses' computer that already has an account with this site??.. that person being me and a friend of mine that wanted to join, that does not have a Computer!?...If this is the case I Apologize, was trying to help a buddy of mine out!..Did not mean to Bug anyone tonite about it. :head:

    A "Major" Mishap occurred aparently? that was completely an innocent/ignorant mistake, Let me Explain...

    Ill start by saying I realize that things Have been Getting out of Control with some threads and posts inparticularly in the WATERFOWL Forum!! I get it!.. Mods and ADMINISTRATOR(S) dont want this stuff to Clog up this their Site, Fair enough!??....I can say I dont contribute to any of that eventhough my handle is MojoMan and I Waterfowl hunt! LOL, I just dont?!!.. Definitley Enjoy reading it at times, who dosent??! lol.. but we all know this site is WAY more than any of that!!.. I enjoy to post pics, tell a few stories, tell where the fish are biting, give some "Congrats" Etc...

    Well a friend of mine that I spoke about in the "Ed Gordon Boat wreck" thread, "Billy" that did everything he could to save his Uncle Tony that had a MAssive Heart Attack in the Duck Blind last week, Day before Thanksgiving... wanted to chime in on the Topic because he heard people were talking about it, and wanted to Thank 2 of the 6 that helped him out that day, that were talking on this Forum.....The Mishap I speak of was trying to get him setup with his own log-in to this site that turned out to be a Dibacle!! ..Being he has never OWNED a Computer he will prolly log-in One time Only and say his piece and Thanks to these guys...There was a mixup with his Email (that he hasnt checked in 4 years, and was Closed) so I ended up letting him use my Secondary (personal) email account that is NOT the one I use for my Log-in here, so with that, he had to go back and do the whole "Registering Process" over again TWICE, having to change his name originally from duckwacker, to duckwacker1 to duckwacker85 and finally got a conformation Email but has not been "cleared" yet by the Mods to Post anything??! ....MUST HAVE RAISED A RED FLAG with somebody that I was secretly trying to Infiltrate the site with "Obseen language" "Rants" Etc. under a diffferent name!!!??? LOL kidding...Couldnt be farther from the truth, he is no longer here at the House and just Gave up with trying to become a "Member" here.

    Unfortunate I guess that One or Two or 100's of bad apples have ruined it for anyone wanting to Join In on this site!!!?? :banghead:
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    ..And I'll add thats the impression I got after a Message I recieved from the HIGHER UPs earlier...May have took it the wrong way though???

    IS a Blood Sample optional or No?

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    They gotta be careful, man. This is the Hunting Forum, after all. It's not like he's just voting or something minor like that which doesn't require I.D.
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    NE Ark
    Do you want me to show you why I rejected those accounts? I will be happy to post it with your permission.

    As for this comment:
    I approve anywhere form 20 to 30 and sometimes more new registrations every day. We just have a screening process and look at things that make certain registrations raise a red flag.
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    Man that is a very rare find in today' times when it appears just about every gadjet they are making today has a browser built into it and WyFi everywhere!!!!
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    Smells like dead fish don't it?
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    Well said Buddy! :up:
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    With All Due Respect Mr. C, rather you Not do that here a PM will suffice, based on the fact this is the interweb dont want any of My Personal Info given out Email etc. on an Open Forum, but anything that has to do with "duckwacker85" is fair game because all of his info is His (except for Email address, like stated above which is mine)... So if it will clear up the matter, Go Ahead with his personal info and messages if you would like!? ..Or whatever was in question?
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    Well I agree "What would we do without Modern Technology"!!?? GEEZ prolly wouldnt survive!!?...Some need to step away for a bit and take a look around at Small Town America every once in a while... Cant remember when they started offering Wi-Fi for a Busted Screen Nokia?? :head:
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    How do I become a member of ARKANSASHUNTING.NET?:fit:
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    And Mr. C, I figured you all are prolly swamped with member requests and messages Daily, so wasnt too suprised of the long wait to get a response and was patient with it all... But like I said some things have Drastically changed around here since "08" apparentley and I remembered registering when I did and getting Confirmed within the hour, Not 4!...No Biggie, Mine and His feelings arent Hurt anymore! :fit:...Lets Carry on! :up: