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  1. What sights do you prefer? Is high dollar better or r the cheap brands as good? Ive had the same cobra sights for yrs and am looking to upgrade....
  2. Passthrough

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    Look at spot hoggs. They are super bright and the toughest sight I have seen. Can't break em

  3. BullDog

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    I love HHA, I bought a TR "The Judge" last year and I am going back to HHA.
  4. Ive been through two on my bow. I wish someone had explained the diameter of the pins to me before I bought my last one. Im going to change again before next year. I need smaller pins. They bunch together at 30 yds on cloudy days.
  5. BullDog

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    I went to a 5 pin last year and the pins are to close together so I am going back to HHA 5519 with the dial. I had one on there for two years before and loved it. I sure wish I would have just left things like it was.
  6. Nuge Fan

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    I agree with the posts above

    HHA for single pin sliders
    Spott Hogg for multi-pin

    I shoot a HHA, the other pins get in my way
  7. HuntMasterFlex

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    I've had a truglo 5 pin that came on my bow for 4 years. It's been a great sight. Absolutely no problems with it. I like nice scopes on my rifles but I can't tell the difference between cheap and expensive bow sights. The more expensive ones supposedly adjust easier and have brighter pins. I don't care. I've got plenty of allen wrenches and the truglo pins are plenty bright.
  8. nwa_bowhunter

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    I've got a truglo and I added the little light that lights up the pins a bit more for this first few and last few mins of legal shooting light.
  9. My eyes aren't good. I have the light too but it blinds me. I have a truglo as well.
  10. oblrjr

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    Hha no question!