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Discussion in 'General Hunting Topics' started by 1tuffdog, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. 1tuffdog

    1tuffdog Well-Known Member

    Currently researching Side by Side UTV's and have a great want for one. I think I have narrowed my focus to the Yamaha Rhino 450 and Polaris Ranger 500, leaning more towards the Ranger. The things that have me leaning towards the Ranger is its increased towing and hauling capacity and the roomier seating.

    So.....To you Rhino and Ranger owners what are some of the pluses and minuses to them you have seen. Where did you find the best price? and service?

  2. reflex1

    reflex1 Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    There's a place in northeast Mississippi that will save you about a thousand dollars if yer after a Rhino! BUT - I prefer my Bad Boy Buggy!

  3. daverhonda73

    daverhonda73 Well-Known Member

    I only have one complaint about my rhino. I don`t like the gun racks they sell for it! I built my own and i`m not too crazy about it either.
    My friend has a ranger and he says the only problem with it is the width. It`s too wide for a lot of places he wants to go.
  4. bayman1975

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    My SIL has a Rhino, and loves it. He uses it for duck hunting mostly. As far as I know, the only trouble he's ever had is a bolt on the shigt linkage backed off, and became loose, but that's it.

    A fellow I know told me that he loves his Ranger, but he can't keep it out of the shop.
  5. nbaker

    nbaker Well-Known Member

    it depends what your going to use it for and where your going to use it. the ranger and a farm vehicle, the rhino is a more universal. if your wanting a little of both I would look at the arctic cat prowler.

    i myself am going to get a side by side in april or may and it will be the polaris RZR. but i'm wanting more sport/performance and a little utility. it has a reciever so for the big stuff i can just tow my trailer behind it.
  6. flintknapper

    flintknapper Moderator/smokepole pimp

    Remember, trails come in two sizes, four wheeler and jeep/pickup. I'd prefer one that is narrow enough to make it down most 'wheeler trails.
  7. 1tuffdog

    1tuffdog Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the replies.

    I guess hauling capacity is the biggest plus for the Ranger, but I have read a lot about the drive belt shredding on it. And I agree the width on the Ranger is really wide and the Rhino would be more nimble.

  8. daverhonda73

    daverhonda73 Well-Known Member

    If you were close, I would be more than glad to let you test my rhino. I think the worst thing about all of them is the PRICE! Dave.
  9. sleepyluke

    sleepyluke Well-Known Member

    Don't know what it is worth, but a good friend of mine with horses and about 15 acres bought a Ranger about 3 years ago and had the same choices, he needed for the utility and the huntiong second (he had a 4 wheeler too) Well this fall he sold the 4 wheeler and his Rhino having neighbor sold his and got a Ranger. As been said before, the Rhino is probably a little more fun, but according to them the Ranger will WORK circles around the Rhino, apparently you can not even fill up the bed of the Rhino due to the weight it will hold, I think 500 ish pounds? That is realistically not too many sack of feed to move around. If you need more than that you could hook to a trailer, but I have a golf cart that can pull some trailers around and I have a grand total of $1000 in it with cd player, speakers and all the other gizmos that make yard work a little more fun.
  10. Buba Garrett

    Buba Garrett Premium Member<br>2010 Deer Hunting Contest Winner

    We have guys at camp that have 2 rhinos and 1 with a Kubota- I can tell you the Kubota aint made for the bottoms of south ark! The rhinos have performed well- 1 had some cv issues but was able to get fixed! They sure beat the heck out of riding a 4 wheeler all day on a ole fat man like me- but at a cost of 10 grand its quite a investment! I would like to ride the new RAZor from Polaris- Looks like some fun but no idea what the cost will be- myself I am a honda fan but the new big red is Flat OUT UGLY:smack:
  11. Buba Garrett

    Buba Garrett Premium Member<br>2010 Deer Hunting Contest Winner

    Oh yea one of these guys bought his from somewhere in Tennesee- paid like 7500 for a 650 Rhino- he said was the best price he found? Dang cant member the town though- close to Memphis I think- I know here in Hot Springs they want close to 10 grand:smack:
  12. nbaker

    nbaker Well-Known Member

    The RZR msrp is $10,200

    The dealership in TN, was kind of like a wholesale dealership, they would order alot of ATV/RUV's and sell them below msrp. By selling more machines, made up for the cost of selling below msrp. They aren't doing it anymore though.
  13. daverhonda73

    daverhonda73 Well-Known Member

    I`ve heard you can get the best deal on a Polaris or Yamaha from Abernathy motors in Union City,tn. Dave.
  14. Buba Garrett

    Buba Garrett Premium Member<br>2010 Deer Hunting Contest Winner

    That sounds like the same place the buddy of mine bought his!:thumb:
  15. S2KHAWK

    S2KHAWK Well-Known Member

    I too have always been a honda fan, but I don't like the looks of the new big red. I would definitely go with the rhino over the ranger just becuase of width issues. I know of too many places that the polaris won't fit.
  16. 1tuffdog

    1tuffdog Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info. Looking at there website:

    There advertised prices would well be worth the drive compared to the local prices I have gotten.
  17. Gford

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    Here is another place that has some good prices in miss.

    I vote for the rhino.......Have a friend that sold his rhino and bought a ranger and now he does alot of walking. He said the other day that he missed the rhino.

    Ranger for work.....Rhino for trails and woods. We have put 2 Illinios 200#+ bucks in a rhino with two guys over 200# each and drove out thru some pretty rough terain with no problem. I do not need any more capacity than that!
  18. 1tuffdog

    1tuffdog Well-Known Member

    GFORD....Thanks for the info!!!!!!!!
  19. t-bone

    t-bone Well-Known Member

    Try The Great Outdoor Store in Jackson,TN. They have the best price I have seen.
  20. 1tuffdog

    1tuffdog Well-Known Member

    Does anybody know if a Arkansas Dealer can compete with these out of state places?