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Discussion in 'Ask the Vet' started by arits74, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. arits74

    arits74 Well-Known Member

    our 3 month old chiauiau terrier is bad sick this morning.she is unstable on her feet and even fell over once.we did get her to eat some syrup.i called my vet and he said her sugar may be low,and that this was a problem he seen before.any thoughts or ideas are greatly appreciated!!!
  2. arits74

    arits74 Well-Known Member

    we have gave her pancake syrup and milk she seems a little better and more alert but she still wont stay up on her feet for long,anybody know any thing else ?

  3. Eagle Dad 44

    Eagle Dad 44 Well-Known Member

    Hey, sorry about not getting to this one earlier. How is your pup doing now?

  4. arits74

    arits74 Well-Known Member

    we lost her christmas night,our vet really had no answers as to why,parvo test was negative.from what i read her sugar got to low and we didnt catch it in dog gonna be a lab to fetch ducks
  5. plumber

    plumber Well-Known Member

    They have a big recall on dog food. Old yeller, and some other brands, its killing folks dogs.
  6. gundogs

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    Any trouble urinating? Don't mean to be harsh, but I had one that got fed a little anti-freeze once and it seemed to impact his equilibrium. Hate to hear you lost your dog...