Sick and Dying Deer in NWA

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by iivydriff, Dec 2, 2012.

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    Has anyone up here in the NW part of the state heard rumors about sick deer, and dead deer being found? I asked A guy today that Ive known his whole if he was seeing any deer. He told me that this is the worst hes seen it for lack of deer in his areas. That is the reason I asked him that question because I have not seen even close to the numbers of deer I usually do in the areas I hunt. Also on Election day when I was voting I ran into a guy I hadnt seen in years, and he asked me if I had seen any sick deer or ran across any dead deer. He had some pictures of a huge buck that they found dead in a pond. He said someone else had found a dead buck in a pond. What is going on? Has anyone else seen or heard anything about this? A few years ago I seen a sick deer standing in a water hole in the ditch of the road. Really skinny. I also found one dying in my back yard a few years back. Really skinny laying flat on her side and just quivering. The deer numbers seemed like they went down back then somewhat and they were just now really getting the numbers back up.
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    The numbers seem good in the Eureka Springs area. We have always found a few deer every year in the creeks. Its normally good bucks for some reason. We always think its blue tongue but we dont have a clue of what we are talking about. Just speculation.

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    I didnt think anything about the numbers being down in my area at first. I just figured too much hunting pressure or something but when this buddy of mine told me today that he had heard of several dead deer being found in the woods I kinda started thinking maybe we got some disease going around. And the deer numbers was way down for him too. Blue Tongue is what I heard it was a few years back.
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    Still seeing about the same numbers on both are places and seen good numbers on some public land to.
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    I have seen more deer this year than I ever have.
  7. Yell County Bowhunter

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    Blue tongue disease has been reported in Pope Co. Biologist confirmed. But we are still seeing good numbers at our farm.
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    Sounds like the deer population is still there just south of my area then. Im up by the Pea Ridge Military Park. Its in this area that Ive heard these reports.
  9. I hunt in the west fork area and our numbers are good, see deer almost every sit, I'm tagged out on bucks.
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    I'm seeing way more bucks than does in areas all around nwa. Although that may seem great to some, I think the agfc needs to seriously consider reducing the gun hunting days on public areas. As we all know, more deer are taken on the first day of rifle season than all of bow season days combined. I haven't noticed any sick or dying deer...except for the ones that met my broadheads.
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    I havent personally seen any sick deer, but I've heard a couple stories this year.
    I believe that EHD/blue tongue is basically always present. It's not a new thing that's going to wipe out the deer herd forever. Deer actually can survive it even. It is tougher on deer in dry years though, when they're concentrated at water holes, making it easier for insects to spread the disease. So it would make sense that there should have been more cases this year, but that doesnt mean it's going to be all over.

    The Hobbs permit MG hunt was last weekend, and they checked my buck for signs of EHD. I asked if they'd seen any, and they said they never really do.
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    The deer in the water were prolly injured, not sick. Old timers say when one is gut shot or wounded in that area during a fight they go to water cuz it makes em feel weightless. From personal experience, I have crippled several deer flush hunting and found them later with my dogs or the next am. They would almost always be in waist deep water. Ever bloody a deer, find water!
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    Heard bunches of stories about deer being found dead all over NWA and SWMO.....

    Several of the guys that hunt NE, KS and IA said they didn't see many mature bucks this year....or as many deer period....

    EHD and Bluetongue is harder on the older animals....deer are stressed in late summer anyway but with drough conditions the lack of quality food and the perfect storm for disease.....

    The deer that are left will be healthier next year....less competition for food....if they can make it through winter....

    If you have the opportunity and resources to feed....DO'll pay off, in the next couple of years....
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