showing others how to trap.

Discussion in 'Trapping' started by varmit_master, Nov 30, 2012.

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    I had a guy call me last yr to do some beaver trapping on him. I got the beavers and got to trap the other stuff. One day he wanted to learn how. So I give him a Minn trapping catalog. Showed him what he would need and he ran my line with me everyday asking about everything why I done this and that. So he got his stuff in we cleaned up his traps dye them and wax them. Before to long he caught his first fox then Coon. He didn't want them so he gave his stuff to me. Not bad for his firstborn line 12 coons 5 gray fox some skunks. So he start trapping this yr. I haven't set a trap and got fur to skin in the morning. He catches it and droops it off. I made a great friend for life. Richard

  2. varmit_master

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    Sorry ya about type o's about a sleep.
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    Can't beat a deal like that!
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    That's a great deal.
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    The guy called before christmas to come and pick up some coons and he had trapped 2 coyotes to. I am glad to help anybody out that wants to learn.
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    Way to pass along the tradition!
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    I know whatcha mean. A guy taking time to show me some things. However, i got a few people asking me a few question too.