Show pig labored breathing

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    My boys got three show pigs on the last day of May. We noticed one of them coughed, but we put it off to stress, new home, first truck ride, first time on dirt, stuff.

    Two weeks ago, I walked outside and noticed one had his tongue out, and his tongue was blue, and his breathing was thumping. I called the vet (it was Saturday and she called me back 5 or 6 times.). Some LA300 was given for three days per vet to the sick guy. We also gave one shot to each of the healthy pigs. Sick pig seemed to recover. He was eating, playing, growing.

    This evening at supper time, he came to greet us, but he was thumping and promptly laid down. He's not as sick as he was last time, but I don't want to be that near death again. We administered another shot of LA300, and the pig seemed to get worse. He was panting worse and quit eating for a few minutes.

    He did eat, and he is drinking, but I don't think he's well.

    Any ideas?

    One of his litter mates that a different family got had pneumonia about two weeks after we picked the pigs up.

    Is there anything other than LA300 that we could give?

    Pigs were wormed about three weeks ago.