Should we ban bow hunting?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Rackmaster, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Rackmaster

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    37 out of 101 respondants to the lost deer survey in the bow hunting forum have lost a deer this year. That's a pretty high percentage. Instead of reducing the gun season, should we cut the bow season all together?

  2. OughtSix

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    I say we just ban hunting all together. :biggrin:

  3. Rackmaster

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    Might be a better idea! :smack:
  4. Good Gosh..........when will these stupid bash other forms of hunting thread stop or will they?
    Ban Gun season....Ban Archery season....just ban all of us!!!!!!!:smack:

    What is wrong with people????:head:
  5. arcountryboy

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    Well, since the AGFC's mission is to control the deer population through hunting, no. Those deer are still being removed from the population, just not being put to a good use. What we should do is make sure we are as efficient as we can be with the tools we use. I personally know a man here that shot at 4 deer this year, he recovered one. He was using a .300 with a Leupold scope. Maybe he should check his equipment, or learn to use it, or learn his boundaries on shooting. Sometimes it just happens, not a thing in the world you can do about it, perfect shot, perfect equipment, and still never find your deer, that's part of it.
  6. keeb

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    Did you take into account the different length of the two seasons? :smack:
  7. OughtSix

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    Having a .300 Mag or .50cal Barrett won't warrant a recovery if you don't position the bullets in the right places.

    I was just joking btw. Some people are soo touchy about a joke. I bet rackmaster was just stirring the kettle also.
  8. Rackmaster

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    May be hard for some to tell but I am not being serious. At work, bored and wishing i were in the woods. Was reading other threads and thought maybe we should attack bow hunting for a while. :biggrin:
  9. snydedawg

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    Got a bud who has "shot at" three deer and not found hide nor hair. Now in his defense his scopes were off greatly on two of the shots. I go tthatg hooked up and it's good to go. But you should "know before go".

    I get pissy about folks hunting who won't shoot and learn their weapons ability and their capability with it. The two are not synonymous..... because one can do does not mean the other can!!!!
  10. btech29

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    I say just ban the Wal-mart hunters.
  11. austincrutchfield

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    a proficiancy test would not be a bad idea, but jus likes it is now there would be people that dont take the test and just go out hunting. I say hunt the way you want to, everyone loses a deer every now and then
  12. coonnutz

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    I think that's a great idea :smack:

    While were at it let's make sure stupid people don't breed too:up:
  13. austincrutchfield

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    :thumb: x2
  14. deertrax

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    Some of you fellas are not taking into account that no all deer hit with bow die. An arrow makes a lot cleaner cut which by its nature heals a lot better. I have seen many deer skinned with wounds from arrows that healed just fine.

    Years ago, I gut shot a spike. Poor shooting on my part, no excuses. I felt so bad that I pulled off a tag and threw it away, I just knew that deer was dead. Fast forward a year. One of my buddies shot a nice 8 point that he could not find. I helped him track it up and we found it. As we were about to gut it, I noticed a small sore on its side that was still weeping a little, no infection though. As we skinned it, I saw 2 perfect three blade broad head scars right in the area where I had hit the spike the year before. There was no doubt in my mind that this was the same deer I had shot the previous year.

    He had put on 50 lbs and had a nice 15 inch 8 pt rack all while recovering from that arrow wound.

    A deers gut is designed to heal up from punctures that a deer gets in its gut from some of the browse it eats.

    The outer lining of the stomach, the thin clear part that you see when you gut a deer, moves around the stomach and can cover the holes in the gut until it heal. Sometimes.

    So, not all deer hit with an arrow die. Not all deer hit with a bullet die either but I imagine the survival rate of bow is better than gun.
  15. JohnnieWalker

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    I got news for everybody. Thanks to the November ballot, nobody can cut my hunting season. It's now my "RIGHT" to hunt. We finally did something right. :up: Matter of fact, I think I'll go exercise that right, right now! :flag:
  16. deertrax

    deertrax Well-Known Member

    I think the better wording is not recovered instead of lost. Sometimes they are not recovered because they did not die.
  17. SwampCat

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    Just because the deer is not found dead, I don't think you can assume the deer died. I am not against a proficiency test, but I beleive the real problem is not the inability of the hunter being accurate with the equipment, but poor judgement on the hunters part on when to shoot (patience) and also poor judgement on tracking ability. I have lost several deer in years past that I am sure I would have found if I had backed out and given them more time. I am not talking about giving them 30 minutes or an hour - I am talking three or four hours - if possible. I still get after a deer pretty quick if I know I hit him good AND hear him crash. If not, I give them time - lots of time - and generally find them in their first bed. If you give a deer three hours after the shot, and you start tracking and don't find the deer or where the deer bedded, you probably did not kill the deer. Even a gut shot deer will usually bed rather than just keep walking around. I have found several gut shot deer still alive, bedded, looking back at me - and been able to put another shot in them. I consider myself a very proficient shooter on a stationary target at a known distance on even ground. All that changes when in a tree and a live deer is walking around in front of me.
  18. 4hunting

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  19. SARAH

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    I agree I am really getting tired of seeing threads hating on other forms of hunting... so long as you are doing it legally and ehtically good for you:up: Wish all the negativity would chill out.
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