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  1. woodsnwater

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    I don't own a shotgun. Traded a 870 12 gauge for a Mossberg 20 for my son. What type of shot would be good for it? It came with a turkey choke. If I like turkey hunting I may then invest in a used 12 gauge for this purpose.
  2. bayman1975

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    I'd use Federal Premium Load #6 turkey loads.

  3. backstraps

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    Hevi Shot Turkey loads will be your best shell.
  4. Guitarzan

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    X10! :thumb:
  5. englishdawgs

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    I am with bayman1975. Being it is for your son I would go with a good premium 3in mag turkey load Federal, Remington, Etc. in a #6 shot it gives more pellets and a better chances for a hit bird. But with that said A turkey choked shotgun is like a rifle all of them shoot different loads, shot sizes, and brands differently. If your son is not big enuff to handle 3in mags. You can also go with high brass 2 3/4 they also will work fine for turkeys. The Hevi shot that the others mentioned is Really high expensive and I am doubtful that you will see that much better of a pattern with it for the price. Also the hevi shot is like steel shot you have to have a choke that is compatiable with it to use it or you risk damage to your gun.