Shot My 1st Hoodie

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  1. We ended up getting two of them actually. Hunted public somewhere early on and ended up with five. Saw a few big wads but they didn't want down where we were. Waited out the storm at Mickey D's over a Big Breakfast and then headed out to jumpshoot some private ponds. Ended up adding ten more to the stringer. Got to hunt with a buddy I haven't hunted with in years and broke two new duck hunters in real good. They don't know what it's like to experience the "worst of times", but that's a good thing because I think they're ruined. A few buddies are headed back out of state for living and work, but glad they got to hunt with us over the holidays (and don't worry, one is still an Arkansas resident temp working in LA, the other has a lifetime AR license so we were all legal :up:.)

    Man, I was psyched about shooting my first hooded merganser. Sent it home with CBow so he can get it mounted. Perfect duck. Not a mark on it. Not sure where it got shot even. Even lucked into adding a little bit of green to the white mohawks. 15 total. A few gaddies, a few hoodies, a few mallyards, a few woodies, and a spooner. Nice mixed bag.







    Didn't get limits, but had a blast with these guys.

    Also, if you are in the Pope County Metro area Ryan Newton cuts a killer lawn. :thumb:
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    Good hunt, Fro!!! Congratulations to you guys!!! :up::clap::up:

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    Congrats Fro! Those mergansers are some pretty birds.
  4. Spinners

    Is that two spinners on a pole or what int the back ground of the pic
  5. duckboy32

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    those hoods are awesome. It took me several years to kill one and now i have probably killed 20. now i want a common or redbreasted.
  6. Yep. It's a Vortex.
  7. mallard17

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    When read the thread title that's not what I thought you shot :fit:although that's cool.
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    You know, those stupid things are all over the reservoir.
  10. Well crap! Of course, when everyone else is shooting my ducks it's hard for me to kill anything. :whistle:

    Tell MaMaw to keep her eyes open. Tornado warning for Almyra right now.
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    Congrats Fro looks like you had a good hunt.:up:
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    looks like a good hunt.:clap:
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    Great hunt!! I've gotten a few mohawks over the years,They are fun to shoot too!
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    Yea I've killed a bunch. Of course I've jump shot alot of ponds as a kid. Al about where u hunt. Confers on your bird. They sure are pretty
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    Shot all I've cared to shoot in the upper part of Felsie. Stink to high heaven when cleaned. but will backflap just like a greenhead. Fun when times are tough. Like Phil says, "the lower on the totem pole, the more garlic you add." A hoodie requires a heck of a lot of garlic.
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    dang fro, i got a place down here i could guide hunts for them smelly jokers!! no less than 50 or 60 in a lil spot daily. they are pretty for sure though!:thumb:
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    What kinda decoy do you put on the tornado machine?