Shot a real nice cat!

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    A friend and I called this bobcat in yesterday morning on the third stand. We set up on a green field that was in the middle of a thicket. We were using a mouth blown call and had a fox pro jack in the box set up in the field. It only took 15 min to call her in. She hung up in the edge of the thick stuff and was giving the decoy the stare down. I took her in the chest with my 17hmr and
    she jumped about four feet off the ground and fell in her tracks. I love the 17 it does a great job on cats and yotes. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    NE Ark

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    BIG CAT DOWN....Congrats bro...:thumb:
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    Man that foxpro works on them cats. I have had them charge the decoy on a couple of occasions. Just couldn't close the deal.

    Way to go man, keep up the good work.

    I think this is Bobcat week. (hint, Bobcat in eat is a good sound right now, they be courtin out there.) :thumb:
  6. Here kitty kitty kitty!! Nice cat!
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    Congrats. That sure is a pretty cat. :thumb:
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    :thumb: Congrats ! Very nice coat on her too !
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    Thanks Guys Going to get her mounted and will post some pics when i get it back. I have shot a few cats and have one in my den now but she is far better looking.
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    That one's got some nice spots.
    I've been thinking about getting a rimfire varmint gun since I lost my private land. What bullet do you like in that 17 for predators, or does it matter?
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    Nice cat guys:thumb:
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    Did you get her on chaffee?I have seen a few near darby lake if your looking for a spot to hunt:biggrin: