Shooting chrony ????

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  1. QCDually5.9

    QCDually5.9 Well-Known Member

    Ok, any info as to which ones are the best for the money? Durability, price, etc? Will be looking to get one in order to confirm handloads. Any suggestions?
  2. Mr. Chitlin

    Mr. Chitlin Administrator Staff Member

    NE Ark
    I have 2, a Pro Chronograph and a PACT MKIII. I use the Pro Chrono for general range use and it's quick to set up.

    The PACT has some extra features built in that I like, but it is considerably more $$ too. It also links via infra red to a printer so you can print your results.

    For general range use, the Pro would do just fine.

  3. dirtdart

    dirtdart Well-Known Member

    Mine's an older Oehler 35. Seems to do the job. I probably wouldn't have one but it came in a box of stuff that I bought at an old gunsmith/dealer estate auction. After I opened the large box of stuff and saw this thing I couldn't believe it. I was the winning bidder on this particular box and the Oehler alone had a $329 price tag on it. Pretty good for getting the entire box of various items for $300. Came in a box that looked like a hard case for a rifle.

    You can tell that was a while ago...A new one today is in the neighborhood of $575. If it's important to get it right then it's probably done with an Oehler. Great chrono.
  4. WillyB71

    WillyB71 Well-Known Member

    I bought a Chrony Alpha this summer for $86.43 online. Runs on a 9V battery that is supposed to last for 24 hours.

    It was cheap, but it measures high, low, and average velocities in any string, extreme spread, and standard deviation, from 30/fps to 7000/fps, within 0.5% accuracy

    It's small, lightweight, & easy to use. I write the chrono data on the target, which I always save for the file, so the accuracy & chono data is together for later reference.

    That's all I need.

    The biggest deal is suspending it the right distance & height from the barrel. They don't hold up well to shooting.

    This cheap little unit has a camera mount hole in the center bottom, so any camera tripod does the job. $35 HD tripod from ebay did the trick.
  5. WillyB71

    WillyB71 Well-Known Member

    I'll bet there are some people on this website who could tell stories about blowing their chronographs to pieces.
  6. dirtdart

    dirtdart Well-Known Member

    I'm sure there more than just a few. I'll bet there are a bunch more sky screens sold than chronographs.

    About all I have to do is tear off the paper and write on it. It records everything on 2.5 register tape...just like you get at a cash register.

    I never figured out how valuable it could be till I started working on loads. I've learned to love some powders and hate some. Some powders make a bigger boom and a bigger fuss....but don't do the job as well. Some I thought were really cooking out of the muzzle were just putting on a show.
  7. QCDually5.9

    QCDually5.9 Well-Known Member

    This is why I'm looking to find a decent chrony before I even start working on some loads. It's a guessing game at best without one.
  8. dirtdart

    dirtdart Well-Known Member

    My 35 Oehler has only two skyscreens. The new 35 has three and will give you two readings. It records the speeds through screen one and two then speed between two and three. I'd like to have a new model 35.

    I know for a fact that my 7x57 handloads are faster out of the muzzle than a .280 factory load and right on the heels of a 7mm Mag.

    It's amazing how my .338 Win Mag will Jar your whole body with R-22 but won't with IMR4831 and the 4831 is faster out of the muzzle. It will change your mind about what handloads will do.
  9. WillyB71

    WillyB71 Well-Known Member

    And for some reason, factory loads almost never live up to their FPS billing, even when you factor in the 26" barrels.

    Must be an innocent mistake somehow.

    They would never try to get you to buy their product with erroneous data.
  10. Mr. Chitlin

    Mr. Chitlin Administrator Staff Member

    NE Ark
    I haven't shot mine (yet, Mr C, knocking on wood...) but was at the range one day when one of the members wanted to borrow one of mine.

    Boom, Boom, Boom....OHHHHHH :censored:. :fit: I knew exactly what happened.

    He sent it in and in a couple of weeks a brand new one was waiting on the front porch. :thumb:
  11. dnk9444

    dnk9444 Active Member

    I have an F1 chrony. It seems to do the job just fine. Havnt compared it with any other tho, it is consistent. Runs on a 9v battery. Cheap, simple, and gets the job done.
  12. QCDually5.9

    QCDually5.9 Well-Known Member

    Now that's the kind of report I need to hear. Can't afford to spend the big bucks in order to reload. It would kind of defeat the purpose. :thumb: