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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by armallardbuster, Mar 25, 2013.

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    Last year at the end of season I was walking along one of my 4 wheeler trails on the land thinking about moving a stand location. I found a major trail that the deer used and the perfect tree. I thought that would be a great spot to put a stand so as I walked closer to look at the tree and area I would be hunting I found a 4pt shed laying right in the trail. My 1st ever. Now I would like to go out and try to find 1 or 2 more to say ive found them. Ive never done it before and dont know how to do it other than the sheer luck I found that one. Just looking for some advice or techniques on how I might possibly be able to go out and find a couple more. Thanks in advance
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    sounds like you got it figured out.

  3. I you can find things they have to jump such as a fence, creek bank, etc. those are great places to look as well as the "thick" areas where their antlers may get caught on something. Outside of that just go walking trails. I'm far from an expert but that's how I've found all of mine. 90% if them were in thick spots or places they have to jump. The other 10% were just in trail areas or open fields.
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    DSCN0376.jpg Found these sheds on our place in Kansas on Saturday March 9th. It's lots of fun but also work at times! When we get snow the deer use certain paths that a trampled and can be easily spotted and just walk along them. We found 3 matched sets where both horns we within a couple of feet of each other. We had a die-off in this area as you can see by the skulls found. The die-off didn't hurt us very bad, those skulls, except for one, are several years old.
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    Looks like you have a nice place to hunt in KS. I think we have way to much cover in my area to spend much time looking for them. That along with not many bucks after the season. I have found a few over the years. Some guys train dogs to find them, but that would be like tranning a bird dog in my area a wast of your and the dogs time.
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    My two year old shepherd goes with me and finds a few before I do. Sometimes she will pick them up and bring to me but most of the time you just have to watch her behavior when she comes across one. Probably will go looking some more 'cause still seeing a few with racks up until this week. The north part of KS had pretty good die-off this year to EHD and blue tongue virus. Fortunately we came out in good shape, I understand the Nebraska, Montana, and part of the Dakotas got hit hard this year.