shed antler trap

Discussion in 'General Hunting Topics' started by deerslayer13, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. deerslayer13

    deerslayer13 Well-Known Member

    have any of yall ever used or made a shed antler trap?
    i have never found a shed antler and im wondering if anybody has used a shed antler trap
  2. Rocketman

    Rocketman Well-Known Member

    Do what??? Never heard of such.. Need some more info.:confused:

  3. tony r

    tony r Well-Known Member

    never tried it but i have read about it & some seem to work alittle
  4. spit-n-drum

    spit-n-drum Well-Known Member

    Mine is made by Browning!:biggrin:
  5. deerslayer13

    deerslayer13 Well-Known Member

    most seem to have wires or bungee cords tangled around over a bucket or sumthing like that...
    has anyone ever made one?
    where u get the browning one at? has it worked?
  6. yjjeeper

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  7. DrakeTaker

    DrakeTaker Well-Known Member

    There was one in a magazine I was looking at the other day and the guy just tied two cattle panels to a tree and made a " v " out of them.... If you are following me.... He would then place some corn near the tree inside of the v and when the deer went to eat he would rub his antlers on the wire knocking them off......It sounds good but doubtful you would have much success..
  8. i hear Browning gurantees you get the full rack :thumb:
  9. Down on the White

    Down on the White Well-Known Member

    I wonder what happens it the rack is not ready to come off? Will you find that future wall hanger dead in that trap?:rolleyes:
  10. Hobbshunter

    Hobbshunter Well-Known Member

    I had a buddy that made one out of hog wire. He checked it one day, and it looked like a buck had been hung in it. I was dragged all the way across his food plot.
    I've heard of them made of of rebar too. Cattle panels seem like they wouldnt hang one up, but might make him bump an antler off.
  11. Ginder75

    Ginder75 Well-Known Member

    I have heard of people feeding with Cattle troughs, around this time of year they would lower the roof so that the deer would bump their antlers on the lower roof and knock them off when they were ready.

    I can see where the cattle panel, rebar, chicken wire, ... would work. But I would hate to get one hung up that was not ready to lose his antlers. It is not worth it.
  12. Bowman

    Bowman Well-Known Member

    Here are a few pics I found on the Web.
  13. Bowman

    Bowman Well-Known Member

  14. kbrashears

    kbrashears Well-Known Member

    Get four pieces of rebar and bend them into M shapes. Hammer them down into the ground in a square. Pour the feed in the middle.

    If they aren't ready to shed, they'll get out fine. and you'll just have a rebar laying on the ground nearby. If they're ready, they'll just fall off right there.

    I like to bend mine using my teeth and hands.
  15. is your day job being a carny??:smack:
  16. jeffcowhite

    jeffcowhite Well-Known Member

    this will sound far fetched and had i not seen it i would not believe it, but a few years ago i was at the big buck classic and if you have been there you have seen the guy that brings the deer in the trailer, he had a shed laying there and i ask him if it come off one of the bucks in the pen, he said yes, and said he is do to drop this afternoon, he gave me a time they were supposed to drop, i ask him what he meant, and he said a deer will drop every year at the same time, i said i dont believe that, he said come back at the given time and i could see, he had a book and it had all the times and history on these deer and said one of the bucks was gonna drop around 220 pm, i had been there since early that morning and was really getting ready to go home, but me and my buddy said we had to check that out, we went back around 210pm and i promise around 218pm that buck was walking around in that trailer and then he stopped, his neck got stiff and he shook his head and one horn dropped off, and he just stood there and didnt move. he said his balance was off so he would stand there for a bit and then be ok, and he gave me another time for the other horn to drop. i left i seen all i needed to see. not sure what really happened, and like i said if i hadnt see it i wouldnt believe it, could have been a accident but i dont think so. any one else ever heard of something like this.
  17. hortonhunter

    hortonhunter Well-Known Member

    :confused: have heard of putting wire around feeders and or feed to help knock them off but losing them the same time of day each year dunno bout that everthing is possible just not so probable good luck