Septic tank enzyme for European Mounts

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by bison, Dec 16, 2010.

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    I am getting ready to mount a couple of 8 pts that I killed this season. In the past, I always boiled the skull in a turkey fryer pot. STINKS to high heaven!One of my students was telling me of a taxidermist in Missouri that uses septic tank enzyme to remove the meat from the skull. He states that simply submerses the skull in water, adds a cup of the enzyme and lets it sit. In a few weeks it is clean as a whistle. No teeth falling out and no worry about over boiling the skull.
    Has anyone ever tried this? And were you happy with the results?
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    if you want to wait the time just go with the bettles.

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    Sounds like it would work, but I do not know anyone that has used that method. :thumb:
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    The process is called 'maceration'

    It is one of three of the most common ways to clean bones...
    one being beetles, another boiling and maceration (cold water/warm water)
    process .

    Most likely adding the septic tank enzyme is an effort to speed the process along the water temp needs to be around 95 degrees F for the best results.

    You don't have to use a enzyme the process is natural but you should remove
    skin and hair as in hide first...aside from beetles, maceration will do the best
    cleaning but it takes weeks and several changes of water leaving a little from
    the previous batch behind to procreate more bacteria...and it stinks....really

    Here is a link that explains in detail the processes...

    There are also videos available for a little searching...
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    I am going to help you guys save some time and a bunch of money! I have boiled them, ant hilled them, beetled them and pressure washed them! The quickest way to get the perfect european mount is with a high power pressure washer. Skin the hide all the way off the head and and remove the eyeballs and as much meaty stuff as you can! Remove the tongue and bottom jaw without breaking any of the upper skull. If you are having problems getting the bottom jaw off, no problem! Crank up the high powered pressure washer and go to work. The hole in the back of the head is where you will spend a majority of your time. It will take you about 30 messy minutes to have the perfect free european mount! Why pay $125 when you can do it yourself! This methods will save you lots of time and keep you from having a stinking skull. Next step, if you want a really bright white skull, go to a a beauty supply store and get the product called basic white. Its in a a tub and is a powder. Get a bottle of peroxide also. Once skull is completely clean and dry, put some of the basic white powder in a bowl mixing it with peroxide to a whip cream consistancy. Apply the cream to all parts of the skull only, not antlers, and let sit over night! Rinse the following day. Your done!!!!!
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    The easiest way to do it and cleanest way also, is to 1) skin the head, 2) take a handsaw and saw the bottom jaw off. (I usually cut an inch behind the antlers down to the jaw.) 3) put in a pot deep enough to have water barely touch the antler bases. 4) Put on stove at a boil. Adding a 1\2 of bleach and a squirt of dawn dish soap. Make sure to keep the water level around the bases. (I usually use a camp stove that uses a propane bottle outside.) 5) The time on this is five hours boil or 1 bottle of propane full is the perfect amount. 6) When finished boiling remove head and pull meat off skull with Pliers, screwdrivers and whatever tools you deem necessary, until head is clean.

    Problem with it is sitting in water for very long the bones become britle. I boiled my Dad's last year and didn't have enough gas. So I left it overnight and finished boiling it the next day. When I was pulling meat of the nose part of the skull broke off in my hand. So be careful not to make it britle.
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    I also heard this here a while back. Remove the skin. Find a spot you don't mind digging and dig a hole. Place the scull in the ground and let nature takes its coarse.The worms and beetles will do it for you. Worried about getting it dug up? Take a barrel, cut in half and cover. Use a cinder block to keep in place.:idea:
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    I have tried a couple diffeerent ways, but my friend taught me how to get teh brains out easy. Put an alan wrench in your drill (long shaft in the drill) and place teh other end in side the brain cavity and pull trigger after a minute or you will pretty much be able to pour the brains out.
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    i'd try the power washer trick first! i have one in the shed from 2007 that sat outside for 2 years and still has hide and jaw bone attached, might even dig a hole for this one since the hide is really tough.

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    First one I ever did, I got the hide and as much meat as possible off of it, then boiled it and pulled the rest of the meat that I could off, then left it outside in water with a little bit of bleach on it, then tied it to a fence post in the front yard and let it sit............took some time, but turned out great, and is not brittle...........

    Each to his own though, I wasn't in any hurry!!
  12. process is !. skin the head. 2. Remove lower jaws by pulling them out, no need to cut anything, just personal preference 3. put water in large pot, just enough to cover heads, not letting antlers get in water no more than you have to. 4. add a little Dawn soap, 3 scoops of OXI-CLEAN, 5. get water hot enough to boil, then let simmer, DO NOT BOIL, for 3 -4 hours 6. take skull out of water, and clean off any meat, or anything else that remains, brain you get out with needle nose & wire, just get it all out 7 spray head with water hose real good until clean, clean all remaining spots with knife or anything else you can to get skull clean. 8. put head in container and cover with peroxide from WalMart not covering the antlers 9. you can put a white washrag or white paper towels over the area that is not covered with peroxide to suck the peroxide up into that area. Do not let the peroxide get on the antlers 10. let sit for 10 - 12 hrs take out and put under a heat lamp for 6 hrs DONE