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    Mule, the story did say one of the board members asked the gunman to let everyone go and he'd stay with him, not sure it he'd be gutless or not. How would any of us react at the sight of a gun in our face? Can't say till it happens.

    They were very lucky that nobody was hurt except the gunman.
  3. I just can not believe that at that distance, no one was shot. A higher power must have been in that room!
  4. I just saw the video on CBS evening news. Luckily, the gunman wasn't proficient with his weapon. Did anyone else notice his second shot?
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    A text book case of an EDP with a SBC wish!
  6. Yep!
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    Makes a pretty good case for conceal carry for law abiding citizens. :thumb:
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    I noticed the second shot.

    However i disagree about the woman being a hero. I thought it was very stupid of her and it aggravated me to see her do that.
  9. It'd have been alright had her plan worked. had she been able to knock the pistol out of his hand, the other dudes could have bum rushed his arse! The day would have been saved.
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    Actually if you watch his second shot, he's looking up at the guys but shoots down at the ground. I'm actually guessing he was very drunk and just started shooting, not being able to aim correctly. I know he's not stumbling around and such, but some people can be very calm when they are very drunk. I mean, he couldn't even answer the question of what his wife worked as when she got fired...instead he just shook his head and replied with "she was fired."
  11. His second shot could have been him twitching/trembling from nerves, or, since it is extreemly likely he wanted suicide by cop, he could have just tried to get shots off to speed up his death.
    Thank God no one else was hurt.
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