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seekin help

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Here lately all I am seein is slick heads and fawns. I saw 6 this afternoon. 8 christmas morning. 11 sund evening b4 and 3 sat before that. Anyone else's seeing this and not 1 buck. Haven't had a buck on pic in over 2 weeks and was seein on a reg basis. Small 4,6,8 then 3 nice ones on cam.
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I wish I was seeing those deer. We aren't seeing much of anything around here.
I have had the same problem last two weeks. I had two big bucks I was hunting around the house, and was getting them regularly for couple weeks in the middle of december, had got one during the day while I was hunting another place during the second muzzleload hunt and since the 18 Havent had a single legal buck on camera. All does and fawns.
:shout:One week in Nov. and one week in Dec.:pullhair:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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