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    I have had problems getting pictures this year, but thought I would share a few. There is little room for error when you are 250 miles from your camera and don't get to check it for 6 weeks at a time. Twice I found that I only had 27 pictures and it was because I needed to reformat my memory cards after having deleted the file folders from last year. One episode appears to have been due to a bad battery. I was a little disapointed with the quality of bucks I had pictures of. Last year, I had pictures of at least a dozen 8 points or better that should have all survived. I don't know where they went. This year, once again, I have tons of small bucks. The first picture is a picture of the plot. The 2nd is of a 9 point I passed twice this year. The 8 point I passed opening morning of gun season. I also had pictures of numerous spikes, 3 points, 4 points, etc. I ended up killing one nice buck and 2 does this year. I hunted some during the Christmas hunt, but only saw does. I had a great year seeing deer and am excited about the impact QDM is having.

    turnip patch
    9 point
    8 point
    7 point
    6 point
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    Got a start on it.

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    Looking good. :thumb: Always nice to get pics of ones like that this late in the game.
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    You got it going...the right way.

    Good job.:up: