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Second draw results?

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Anyone do any good getting drawn on the second draw? I got mine the first time, but I have some buddies that didn't.
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No luck here, I got both my first choices for modern gun and blackpowder. I was holding out for a archery permit for Rick Evans
Just checked my application and it still says 1st draw unsuccessful..
2nd draw has not been completed yet they said probably by the end of the week or first of next week :smack:
So it should be done in time for the 2010 season? :banghead:
No luck first round, fingers crossed for 2nd. Camp Robinson gun and musket

they have screwed the permit draws up so bad this year they are never on schedule and if you do get drawn on the 2nd draw let's just hope they get the permit out so you will be able to hunt. gun should get there on time muzzleloading i would worry about :smack:
Drew a 2nd choice for Cut-Off creek rifle hunt. Got it in the mail today, otherwise we wouldn't have known.
I/We got in on the first draw. Got lucky with three permits all of which
have been paid for weeks ago.

Have yet to see anything in the mail.....:head:
I had given up on the second draw because I have had no luck with it in the past and very little luck with the first. But today that changed. My wife and I both got Wattensaw gun tags from the second draw. Now if only our baby that is due in January will cooperate so Ma'ma can hunt and I won't get in trouble if I do things will be GOOD.:up:

i got the Bayou Meto ML and MG.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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