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    IRONHIDE Well-Known Member

    I am searching for a glendale target! does anyone have any suggestions on somewhere that will save me a few dollars out of this christmas money?
  2. Dixie_Rebel_Z71

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    IRONHIDE Well-Known Member

    Ha me too my target doesn't last long when 5 people are shootin at the sucker!
  4. J870sm

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    There is a new (or I just seen it) target out that is made by Glendale. It has the vitals colored in the insert. It also moves after the shot so you get different shot angles. I saw them advertised also on a hunting show. I think I am going for one of these if they are not to expensive.
  5. possum

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    The Cutting Edge in Greenbrier priced theirs the other day at 119 bucks but it's probably not worth the extra drive for ya.
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    I have two Glendale shooter bucks paid 79.98 for each of them an last me a year so far.