Scouting WIHAs Around Iola, KS

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    Hi -

    I took my old Texas A&M Aggie buddy from Joplin, MO and scouted around Iola, Kansas for two days last week. We were looking for turkey and predator hunting places on Walk In Hunting Areas. The first day we looked at and walked over several WIHAs but only found 2 that looked like good and 1 beautiful deer hunting set up on private land that was posted heavily but had a telephone number for inquiries so I may talk to him about costs to deer hunt there. The WIHAs we found were reported in the WIHA guide to possibly have turkeys but we saw no sign of them on the several we scouted?

    The second morning we got up early and went to a small, 80 acre WIHA we had found the first day about 30 miles out of Iola but, of course, there was a lot of good adjacent cover for yotes, etc. I took my FoxPro and called a coyote to within 30 yards on a brushy creek bottom draw. He and I saw each other at the same time and I took a quick shotgun shot as he turned a somersault and retreated. He had come out of a ditch I did not see the day before and was in it by the time my gun fired.

    I just bought a new Browning Maxus MODB 12 gauge so switched to calling crows just to get some more shooting. Either they do not call crows much there or this mob of crows was uneducated. About 15 came in quickly and returned twice even though I had already shot a few times -- I only had 4 non 3.5 inch shells in my coat -- so enjoyed the show after firing them.

    On the way back to the Joplin area we found a great large, acreage WIHA in KS that I may go to this week to call yotes and scout for turkeys. It is a much shorter drive for me from NWA and I know some other areas to hunt in that area. Of course, the problem is on opening day of spring turkey season I may well get there early and find several trucks there but that is true of any public area.


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    Sounds like fun Steve.

    I have seen a few coyotes on my last few deer hunts. I took a shot at one at about 50 yards with my bow and needless to say I missed. I have found a few nice places on my last few hunts and the way my deer season has been I am about to just give up.