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Score this swamp DONKEY

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ok now that I got you here how do I make it go away?

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Find whoever has cows near u and tell them u found there donkey.
Here donkey donkey donkey.....

THWACK!!!!!!! Donkey is gone.....
that's funny. we hunt near hampton and had a white horse roaming our woods all season. the deer were scared to death of that joker!
yeah he ran a nice buck off the buck came back in 40 min we have never seen him he only comes out at night
We are having a bad problem here people are turning them out because they can't afford to feed them
stealthycat:1441312 said:
a swamp donkey is a moose fyi
thanks didn't know that I thought it was some deer attractant
Powerquack2K:1441470 said:
164 Gross

Weighs about 200 I reckon.....
only 200 I was going to give him 300
:fit: better stop putting corn in them feeders. Talk about neighboring competition.
He makes your feed bill high don't he? Lol I think I know where he is coming from.
Bang!! on the donkey, looks like a P&Y head on him, don't know what head mount cost for donkey tho..............the cow is another problem, I have found that a well placed blunt tipped arrow after you have her attention will discourage her somewhat, at least when she sees you in the stand! :banghead:
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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