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    Need some input on a scope mounted light for night huntin yotes, want something that does not weigh to much, but is dependable. Looking for something with a lighter battery, don'y want to be carring around a car battery, doesn't matter if the battery is seperate from the light or not, 100 yards or so would be preferred for lumination, red light always or something with a red lens.

    Thanks, Carl
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    Hey Dash,

    In the process of gearing up for my night hunting trips to Texas, I have tried a few different lights. One of which would fit the bill for you exactly but they are not very cheap. Be glad you live in a state that you can do this. :frown: The trip to Texas is my once a year chance to hunt at night.

    One thing to keep in mind, most animals will not be spooked by a light as long as you keep the light on them when coming in. Especially white light, but if your having animals spook when scanning for them, try using Red, then switch over to a white light for taking the shot.

    2 lights I have personally used

    Lightforce 170 hunting pack (Best illumination option) 300+ yards (Different wattage bulbs increase your range)
    Predator light ( Lowest weight and great battery life - Less than 1lb and will last 8 hours on a charge) good for about 200yds

    Haven't tested this one since I went to NV.
    XLR250 kill light - Rave reviews when compared to the predator light. Supposedly better illumination but less battery life. Also can be used with different bulbs for color changes.

    XLR250 (Best price)

    Predator light -

    Lightforce Nighthunter pack - (search for lightforce)

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    Just the kind of info I am looking for:up:

  4. dash4cash

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    I ordered the kill light xlr250 with red lens, from all the reviews, it sounds like the best light out there for the money, $120.00, but because I need a light for next week, I also picked up a Cabelas LED scope light, 532 lumens, dual on -off switch control, put it to use in the back yard tonight and can see through the scope with no problem, red light good for 80 to 100 yards, white light good for 150 or better, also seems like a good light at $120.00.

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    I want to try one of those laser things I can't remember there name but they looked cool