scent control and spooking deer

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    I am forced to hunt from the ground on the land I hunt on. I am washing all my clothes in scent free clothing and storing them in a vacuum bag. I also scent free shower before I hunt. I play the wind but most evenings the deer I am hunting come from all directions. Tonight I had the wind in my face and a doe feeding toward me about 15 yards out of range. At the same time I had 2 other deer approach down wind of me and blow. I do not know how much more scent careful I can be. How do you guys go about tricking their noses?

    Second part of my question.

    The land I hunt gets a lot of traffic. A few deer hunters but mostly guys running rabbit dogs. How comfortable do you think deer get with human scent in a place like that? I have spooked them before and then they are back in the same spot at the same time the next day. 99% of the time the deer just smell me and do not see me. I have also noticed that at least half the time they will not run off when they smell me. They just blow and stomp or blow and start looking around for movement. Do you think in an area like that the deer are used to getting bumped and they wont spook off an area that easily or do you think I am pushing my luck if I hunt the same place the day after I spook them? I want to keep hunting the same place because there are a lot of deer using it. I just hate getting winded because there is no method to their approach to this one area. They just appear from all directions. It makes it really hard to hide from their noses.
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    I don't believe there is anything you can do to hide your scent, be it scent lock, sprays, or anything else other than being downwind at the right time. I also do like you. Scent free shower. I wash all my clothes in scent free wash, then take some green cedar growth, and press the juice out of the growth. I then throw the cedar juice growth into a ziplock bag and into the bottom of the vacuum bag, then all my clothes straight from the dryer into the vacuum bag and vacuum sealed. My rubber boots stay outside, and get sprayed with scent killer every hunt. All gear gets put on when I arrive at hunting area. I then head for a mud hole to step in on the way to my stand. I still get busted when the wind starts swirling by every mature deer.

  3. To answer your question, have you tried using other scents to hide yours?

    Why not try doe estrus. Tie a cotton cloth with a dab of doe pee and drag the cloth to where you want to shoot the deer. Hang it there. Walk to your blind and wait for him to show up. The bucks will follow the trail to where you tied it up. Usually the does just hang out.

    I've experienced great success with this technique.
    (Try not to get it on you, it stanks... :p )
  4. I agree, look into cover scents. I've used them in location I have like the one you are talking about. I've used a coon scent and yes even skunk scent (years ago). If there are a lot of pins in that area clip some branches and put them in the bag with your cloths. That will make your cloths smell of pine and help mask your scent as well.
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    How are you hunting on the ground? I use a ground blind and open and close the window appropriately according to the wind direction. If you are gun hunting, a doghouse blind is cheap and easy to carry and set up. For bow hunting, I have a Big Mike blind that is GREAT for bow hunting. It is bigger, comes in a bag with shoulder straps for carrying in and sets up in about a minute.

    Everybody has their own idea about cover scents. IMO they build your confidence and don't fool the deer. Go as scent free as you can and hope for the best. I have used Ever Calm and it does affect deer behavior but I don't think it covers your scent. Good luck. You will figure it out and get the one you are looking for.
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    Bingo ground blinds and shooting houses are great for scent control
  8. Very.

    I can tell a huge difference between how deer act depending on where I'm hunting...... deer around crop fields pay almost no attention to human scent.
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    I am bow hunting on a folding turkey hunting chair. I leave the chair hidden out there so it smells like the area. I have never used a blind. I have always heard that you need to set those things up early to give the deer time to get use to them before you hunt out of one. I am hunting public land and if I left one out I believe it would be stolen in a matter of a couple days. The area is also walk in only so I have to pack everything I want to take. My hunting spot is about a mile and a half back in there. If they really are a game changer than I'd pack one in but I like to go in as light as I can. When I finally kill one I am going to have to quarter it up in the field and pack it out. I don't want anymore extra trips than I have to take.
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    Powerquack I think you are right. There are so many people out there all the time I think are pretty use to smelling people. I do think they can smell the difference in someone going through or someone being there. Just not to sure about it. I have always bow hunted on private property and feeders. This is my first year every chasing them on public land with no bait. It is tough!! One night I had 2 bucks chase does with in 30 yards of me but the would not slow down for a shot. I had to let them walk. Then the bucks started chasing each other around. They got as close as 10 yards but they were running and I could not get a shot. Seeing them chasing a doe made me bring some doe in heat scent out there the next day. A bunch of deer came out right at dark and did not like that stuff at all. They kept snorting and stomping. Unless the wind was swirling really bad I was not in their line of scent. I have not tried scents since that experience. I am hunting for the meat so it is frustrating "almost" shooting one every night. Someone on this sight told me "welcome to real deer hunting" a while back. They are more right than I thought. I am going to keep after them though until I get one or the season closes.
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    I hunt public land in mostly hill country up North. Sometimes it helps me to put the little orange scent bottles in trees on atleast 3 sides of me. It can be a cover scent or doe urine. They are great to use as yardage markers too. Get more hunting spots though. They will catch on to you! I try to never hunt the same spot twice in a row. Good luck! Let us know how it goes.
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    I went out one day, had on ole spice sport deodorant and got pretty sweaty on the nearly 1 mile walk to a bucket sitting on a wheat plot. I didn't scent free shower, my bow and clothes were in my truck for a week, totally unprepared scent wise. I put a fresh earth scent wafer on my cap and sat down. I had the wind at my face.

    Two does were moseying around the wheat but were out of range. They eased out and momentarily I had one walk up behind me, I guessed about 15 yards. I froze. After 5 minutes of waiting, I gave up. A skeeter buzzed my ear, I reached up and swatted him. Instantly the deer blew and stomped off, blowing every few steps. He was so close, I felt the air ruffle my hair when he blew. He had to be three feet from me.

    Younger deer won't be concerned with your smell. Generally it's the mature bucks and alpha does that alert.
  13. fresh earth,cedar,wax myrtle, & pine.........combine all of these.....never fails..... I've killed more deer from the ground than my stand....I mean the real stuff not the sprays.....I'd pull up a small plant or tree to dust my legs/feet and crumble up the leaves of rest & rub all over me....
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    Scent Control
    My 2 cents. I work in the medical field and when we get patients ready for surgery we give them multiple bathes in bacteria killing soap. Reason why is because the killing of bacteria on the skin has a cumulative effect. Bathing once in the antibacterial soap is great but you need to do it every day.
    My regiem. Bathe in surgical scrub soap daily and with antibacterial deer hunting soap also. Brush teeth with baking soda/ peroxide toothpaste, floss, gargle with alcohol based mouthwash then gargle with 3 percent peroxide and then rinse with water. (More scent from mouth than anywhere). Different chemicals kill different bacteria. Use no scent deordant under arms and in groins ( sweatest places). Dry boots on boot dryer to kill bacteria and spray down with no scent spray. Wash clothing of course. Layer clothing to reduce sweating while walking to stand. Spray down all equipment. Breathe thru nose while on stand not thru mouth ( more bacteria in mouth than nose). Use carbon clothing if u want, I do both. Do not smoke. Don't go to gas station while hunting. No colognes on your days off, absorb into skin. Act as if u r hunting all the time during the season. I have had deer sniff the ladder and not spook and come from down wind and walk the same trail and not spook. Wear gloves when climbing or touching equipment at ground level. Leaves no scent usually. It works for me and I don't use a scent proof bag. I tagged out this year with the bow. With luck on my side, and I don't hunt the wind. I do believe u cannot get rid of all scent but minimize it so the deer don't spook. Good luck.
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    Standing in the smoke of camp fire does make a difference. It does not hide your smell, but does I think, put them more at ease. One should aslo note that deer smell human induced odors, hear human induced and metalic sounds, smell exhaust, mess with dogs etc., all the time, save for true wilderness deer, which are rare in our state. I have a little lake, and I have more than half serioulsy wondered about walking to my deer stand with a fishing pole and some bate boxes in my hand. Cause I see them all the time when I go fishing!!! I think they are smart enough to know the difference between our "predator" behavior and other types. Of course when I am in my deer stand and can see the lake, the fish jump all around and seem to then go on crazy feeding frenzies!!!
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    I have done a lot of bowhunting this year myself, I dont hunt on the ground but places i do hunt the trees are not that big and I cant climb as high I as I would like and noticed that I did get busted some this year. A lot of it were I hunt the deer come in from any direction and every wind is good but a south east wind, but this year I noticed the wind has swirled a lot or I am just now noticing that it does that more than I have. So I statrted using the evercalm on my boots when walking in and then putting out Tinks on the scent wicks, had several doe around me at times that the wind was blowing in there face and it never bothered them, something you might want to try.
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    The wind has definitely swirled a lot this year,tyhunter,and its cost me a couple of encounters too :banghead: Hunt high whenever possible and take wind out of the equation is my moto also
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    I would make sure to not put your outermost layers of camo on until you get out of your truck/off your atv. Keep it in a zip lock bag until you get to your location and even to your stand if possible. If your making a long walk your body is probably producing more odor than you think. I like to really spray down the bottom of my boots with scent away or some sort of cover up like doe pee. This has seemed to always work for me, with the occasional big buck sniffing me out. Scent block usually doesn't effect them :(. Scent control while hunting on the ground is tough, get up high if you can.
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    Sometimes, the thermals are moving in whirlpools and other types of weird patterns. Just because the wind is blowing from one direction as the prevailing wind, doesn't mean that's the totality of what's going on. Near the tops of ridges are the safest places to hunt, but it seems the most sign isn't always near the best place to hunt for wind direction.

    But, there may be a tactic for you to try with these deer that are blowing at you. Especially if they don't seem to be leaving the country when they do it. Alot of times, they blow at things that they just aren't sure what it is. They may have seen something that garners their attention. I've been doing this for some time and it works more times than not. When they blow at you, blow back at them. Try to duplicate the sound and number of times they blow. If they blow once, blow once back...and so on. Often the lead doe will slowly sneak your direction bringing her friends with her :) But you must be sitting still, because now they are actually looking for the source of the response.