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Scattergunning coyotes

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What is the largest shot I can put through an extra full turkey choke? I have a Remington 870 express 12 guage, with an H.S. strut extra full "Undertaker" turkey choke tube. I haven't coyote hunted with it yet, but just got permission to hunt a new farm that looks ideal for the 12 gauge. I went and scouted yesterday and the areas that contain the most sign are pretty brushy. I'm going to give it a whirl in the morning. Thanks for any advice.
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T shot is big as you can use legally. It should shoot threw ur choke i wood think. #4 turkey is close as you can get to T shot round my place. To get T shot load you have to get Dead Coyote load which is stupid high price. Think its 36 bucks for 10 shells:eek:
My son and I use #2 lead, 3" magnum Remington Nitro's.
Thanks for the advice guys. Hopefully I can get one in close.
micahg and I killed a yote at 15 yards with 3 1/2 inch #4's. I just looked at Able Ammo's site. You can buy Remington BB tungsten 3 1/2's for around 26 bucks per 10. That is almost 10 bucks per box cheaper than Dead Coyote and only slightly smaller. I think I may try this next.
I killed one at 40 yards with #4 3" steel shot and my patternmaster ext
My brother sells Heavy Shot products. They make "Dead Coyote" shells. Check them out!!!!
Why can't u use #4 buckshot ?
AGFC forbids it.
We've got some 3" Federal premium 1-7/8 oz copper plated lead #2's and BB's at the shop were gonna try to pattern test this week. These should knock a coyote down hard at 50+ yards. They are about $35 for a 25 round box. I'll post patterning results when we get em.
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