Saturday turkey sightings

Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by Juice, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Juice

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    I gave one of my hunting buddies an early Christmas present Saturday with some good news. We were driving past his lease and saw 3 big gobblers in a creek bottom. At least 2 of them had paint brush beards, hanging very low. We drove another 1/4 mile and saw a flock of hens and young turkeys, totaling 12-15. It was awesome to see them in those spots, it's been a while.

    We saw another turkey later during our trip, but couldn't tell if there were more, the sun was blinding me at the time.
  2. Hooked Spurs

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    It's great to hear more positive reports this year. Been a while since that was common. I heard some turkeys fly up Sunday evening and then saw a good sized flock yesterday, of which batcutman may have some access to in very close proximity.:biggrin:

  3. Hobbshunter

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    That's great.
    Up here in Benton Co, I have not seen any birds this year, but I have seen sign several times. That's a big improvement for this area.
  4. Just watched a flock of 27 work over a fence row in front of the house.. 5 rope dragers.. All looked very healthy..:thumb:
  5. Juice

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    Do you still have snow on the ground? I'll bet that was cool to see. I'm starting to get antsy about the season upcoming.
  6. Yes sir still about 6-8 inches on the ground.. They were working the south side of a fence row that had thawed where they could get underneath the bushes.. They were back about noon today..:up: