Saturday Pig Hunt

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  1. Me and my brother headed out Saturday afternoon to track down some pigs. We walked in about 3/4 mile to the backside of a hardwood bottom. Finally found a small group of pigs, probably about 8 in the group. There were two in the middle of the opening and I got the scope on them and it was two pigs mating. Between them moving around and me not having a rest, we decided to get closer. Got within about 60 yards and we layed down on a mound waiting for the sow to come back out. Finally a large black boar walked out and a black and tan. I guess he got excited and next thing I know he fires and hits the black and tan. The rest took off through the brush.

    It was a boar hog, and had the worse smell I have ever smelled on one, almost to the point of making you nauseated. I think i can still smell him :smack:

    We will try it again next weekend :thumb:
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    Those boar hogs stink pretty bad all the time (or so I am told), but I can imagine that if mating is going on, the smell would be much stronger...

    And the talk of pig hunting is killing me!!!!ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!

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    I got to watch 2 mate back during gun season......It was so beautiful!!!:smack:
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    Pigs will be pigs!